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I was told last Thursday I have invasive lobular bc with ER+, recalled after routine mammogram , calcifications seen in left breast, biopsies and this was the result, I feel so sick with nerves and I’m really scared I can’t function , waiting for date  for mri, my son wants to pay for me to have one sooner but not sure I should 

Any words of hope appreciated x 

Hiyer Sparkle,

Loads of hope - ooddles and bundles because this is the most treatable of cancer types and these highly trained and skilled professionals know which effective modern treatment plan will work for you. The many many thousands who have been before you on this forum, and in real life, (and no longer visit as they are getting on with their lives) are testament to the fact that you have every reason to have complete hope. A diagnosis is shocking, and knocks your world upside down and back to front, every emotion will come into your mind and psychologically you will find it tough for a while. However, these routine screenings are done for a reason, and that is to find and treat any problems early - and once your treatment plan is in place you will find it easier to focus on the positive way forward. At the moment, I’m afraid you are just left with the ‘fall out fear’ and that isn’t a nice place to be. Many people have a ‘I can’t function’ feeling, I know that I did, and it was overwhelming - but you can and will, because it is amazing what you can do when you have to and want to.

Keep on talking here, we are around to listen x