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hi i am new to all this unfortunately i was diagnosed on Dec 22nd 2011 with breast cancer.I have had the lump removed and a sentinel node biopsy get my results on Feb 16th. This is a very nervous time waiting for results,not sure what treatment i have got to have yet. I am 37 years old,i have 2 children age 11 and 10.I would like to get in touch with other people of my age to chat to
please get in touch x x x

Hi teabelly

Welcome to the discussion forums, I’m sure you’ll find them a great support.

I thought you might find our publication ‘Talking with your children about breast cancer’ helpful to read, so here’s the link to the page where it can be either downloaded or ordered:

Also, do give the Helpline a ring if you feel it will help to talk, they can direct you to other sources of support and information or just be a listening ear if you need it.

They’re on 0808 800 6000 and are open weekdays 9-5 and Saturday 9-2.

Hope this is usful.

Best wishes.


Morning Teabelly,
I’m Fran was dx on the 6th dec had a wle and snb and anc last week.
Yesterday I found out that my chemo starts on the 14th feb. So i have six sess of that and then 15 rads. then 5 years of tamoxifen.
Its so scary especially when we are young, I’m 39 and two children a son of 7 and a daughter of 3. So the past two months have been horrible . The not knowing and what will happen to me!
I was so scared and still am but whatever happens we have to fight this and deal with it for our children and ourselves.
My Oh has been looking after everyone but its a scary time. The ladies on here have been amazing. They have helped me so much I’m really addicted to the site.
Good luck with your results I’m sure whatever they are the outcomes are really good.
Lots of love

morning Fran
It make you feel better just knowing you have people to talk to who are going throught the same thing as you.
It is really scary i have never cried so much in my life but now i am trying to be positive and focus on getting better.
Good luck with your chemo im sure we will talk alot before then
Lots of Love
Tracy xx

Fran and Tracy

Just wanted to let you know that you will get lots of help on this site - the girls are all amazing and you are certainly not alone!

I was diagnosed May 2009 (when my son was eight months old) and had a lumpectomy followed by four weeks of radiotherapy. I took the decision the following year to have a double mastectomy due to family history and fear of the cancer coming back. Also on Tamoxifen for five years.

So, I have come through it and come out the other side : ) which proves it can be done. Unfortunately my husband couldn’t cope and walked out on me and our little boy each time I was in hospital. Last time, I told him not to come back … I swear that I am a stronger person because of the cancer and because of the inspirational girls I have met (all through this website!)

Tracy, where you are at the moment is definitely the scariest place, but you will come through it. Once you have all your results and a treatment plan is decided I promise you will feel a bit more in control of the situation.

Just wanted to send you both love and hugs and to say that I’m here if you have any questions (no matter how silly).

Stay strong

Shenagh xx

P.S. My profile pic was taken at Centre Parcs in 2010 when I met up with 18 BCC friends - best weekend ever!!


I am also a new member I am waiting to hear what my next stage is I ahve my appointment on 15th then a week later with the oncologist. I have already been forwarned that I will be on tablets and will need rads for approx 5 weeks daily. I have never been so scared in my life and keep breaking down. I had a lumpectomy last Friday and nurses daily - my life seems out of control even though I am trying and tring to stay postive. I am 48 with a wonderful husband and a 26 year old son. They have been wonderful but inside I am constantly shaking and feel sick. Reading the forums they make me laugh and cry.

Good luck all of you.


I’m so sorry you’ve had to join the club that nobody wants to be a member of, but you’ve come to the right place for support, letting off steam, crying and even laughing, because we all know what you’re going through and just how you’re feeling. I was diagnosed at 31, had a mx with immediate LD recon followed by chemo, rads and hormone therapy. I celebrated my 40th birthday in August - the birthday I never thought I’d see. And things have come on such a long way even since I was diagnosed. Good luck with your ops and subsequent treatments. Be kind and patient with yourselves and keep posting for all the support you need. Sending you strength and positive, healing thoughts, Angelfalls xx

Hi Girls
When I was first diagnosed I was distraught and traumatised .
I had a mastctomy and recon and have just completed my chemo and you know what? I’m HAPPY again!!
You must be positive, its IS a treatable disease and most ladies recover and go on to enjoy their lives.
Believe me I never thought that I would get to this stage as at times I was inconsolable and so scared but I am here at the other side and refuse to let it control my life any longer .
Good luck and lots of love and remember that you WILL get through this.
Lots of love

Hi Girls, I am new to this site but have been on the Macmillan one. I was diagnosed in Sept 11 aged 39. I have 2 sons aged 8 and 3. I have had my chemo first and I’m due to have a mastectomy in approx. 3 weeks. I still feel very scared but am trying to remain positive (not always easy). Every day feel like it lasts a week whilst I am waiting for op. I will also have to have 3 weeks of radio and 5 years of Tamoxifen. It really does help speaking to others that are going through it.
Wishing you all well and sending hugs, Love Sarah xxxxxxx

hi sarah great to hear from you i was so nervous before my operation but it was better than i expected i have recovered quite well hope your chemo went ok im waiting to find out if i need chemo i have got to have radio im quite frighten of having chemo hope to keep in touch
lots of love

hi Tracy i am just a year older than you,i am 38 and i got diagnosed on the 23 december last year.On the 4th Jan i had a lumpectomy and snb,results came back with clear margins and the cancer hadnt spread,which was such a relief but mine was grade 3.I started chemo on the 24th Jan,just had the 1 session so far,got 7 more to go and radiotherapy and when all that is finished will be on hormone therapy drugs too!! I have 2 girls aged 10 and 8.
The whole thing was so unexpected as it is not in my family at all,but i have been positive about the whole thing,would much rather it wasnt happening to me but to be honest when i got told i had Grade 3 that was the scariest thing but relief as well that it hasnt spread,so the chemo and radiotherapy is preventative treatment to make sure there is no traces of cancer floating around my body and that also it wont come back.
So if you do need chemo try not to worry,obviously the side effects arent nice but being clear is the most important thing.
Emma xx

hi emma
our stories sound so same im 37 diagnosed on dec 22nd had my op on jan 18th still waiting for results. my cancer is grade 3 aswell so im expecting to have chemo which is frightening and radio i also have no family history. how has your first chemo gone hope it wasnt to bad my biggest scare is losing my hair hope to keep in touch
lots of love

Hi Tracey,yeah i think the fact that you have Grade 3 will mean chemo as that was the case for me…first chemo was okay,the side effects werent too bad,i was prepared to be honest…i felt really nauseas the first day and then the next 3 days had really bad headaches but you are allowed to take paracetemol for those.The main side effect for me was the tiredness.My mouth did get a bit sore but i brushed my teeth everytime i ate,used mouthwash and bonjela…think that has helped keep the ulcers away.
There is a forum topic about being prepared for chemo,type in “chemo” in the search and it brings up a list of suggested things to buy,i didnt get everything,but the list was useful.
When do you get your results?
I think the hair loss does tend to be the biggest fear,to be honest i am not too bothered…yet!!as i have cropped hair anyway,you have to try and be positive about chemo though,its not the best experience but if it makes you clear then its a must…i know i sooooo dont want this coming back…saying that my hair hasnt started coming out yet i know it is imminent…so mayvbe i wont feel so positive once its gone!
Anyway keep in touch and let me know how your results go
Emma xx

the post i was talking about…top tips for chemo…on the left hand side menu click on: undergoing treatment chemo,then it comes up with top tips…

hi Emma
i am preparing myself for chemo i dont want it to come back its great to hear from you and im glad your chemo isnt to bad i have been very positive last few weeks but closer the results get more nervous and tearful i feel.
Im glad you havent lost any hair are you wearing the cold cap for your chemo? im considering having my hair cut a bit shorter if have to have chemo so if it falls out not so much of a shock. hope you get on aswell with your next chemo keep me informed on how you get on and any tips you can give me.
speak soon

Hi Tracey

I’m a bit scared of my op too but also really can’t wait to have the bloody thing out! Please don’t worry about chemo. I was worried about it too before mine started and yes it does make you feel rough (although different people often experience different side effects), however just remember that each time you have it it is killing off any stray cells that may be creeping about and that is most definitely a good thing. You will get through it!
I think the thing I am worrying the most about is getting my results after my op. I already know it is a grade 3 but I am worried incase it is in my lymph nodes (I am having them all removed). I’m really not sure how I am going to cope inbetween the op and results day…I’m dreading it!
Please keep in touch and let me know how you get on and if there is anything I can help you with let me know.
Speak soon, love Sarah xxxxx

nope i didnt do the cold cap which is why i know my hair loss is imminent…What Sarah says is soooo true though,the chemo is killing all those stray cancer cells…so its a good thing and neccessary…dont worry i shall be giving you lots of tips :slight_smile:
my next chemo isnt till 21st feb…another 2 weeks to wait!

Sarah…i have to have the Tamoxifen too…cant say i am looking forward to that at all…was fine about my op,chemo,and rads!think its cos it gives you the menopause and all the horrible se’s that go with that…but again if it keeps the cancer away its needed!not the most recommended of journeys to be on eh!!good luck with your op


Hi Emma

I will have to have Tamoxifen too but not sure when I will start that. I presume it is after radio?? Is that correct? I have to wait 2 months after op to have my radio as wound has to heal first. I hate all the waiting about. My periods stopped after a month of chemo and I have started to have the off hot flush! Not sure if they will come back now my chemo has finished but if they do they will be short lived once I start on the Tamoxifen…oh the joys!! I’m sure we will all become stronger people because of this! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

hi sarah
thanks i never thought about it like that its killing off stray cells i dont want it ever to come back
good luck with your op what date is it i will thinking about you i found the op to be ok it all the waiting for results that makes me sad everything seems to be 4 weeks i go on feb 16th
i will keep in touch
speak soon