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hi im a new member i was diagonose with breast cancer in dec 2012. after 2 mths of hospitral appointments and lots of test later i was told it was a cysit only to get a phone call a week later to go to the hospital to see them, which the outcome was bad news. after lots of scans i am starting chimo on tue 8th of jan

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We all know how scary it is when you’re first dx, I know I was scared stiff. At first I was told that I wouldn’t need chemo and then that suddenly changed. I was absolutely petrified. Sitting in the chair waiting for chemo was the scariest moment of my life. But it was fine. Not nearly as scary as your mind thinks. I got into a routine of going for a full english breakfast in the hospital cafe before each session.
Chemo affects everyone differently, and you may may feel rough at times, but nothing that you can’t cope with. Just mark the treatments off on the calendar and you’ll soon be through it.
I’m nearly 5 years out now and it’s like a bad dream. Life is really good again. You’ll get there.