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Hi. I was diagnosed in Feb after finding a lump. I have had a lumpectomy and am due to start radiotherapy on Friday. I have to take Tamoxifen for 10 years.  I had a routine mammogram in October 2014 but was told everything was okay.  I have found the forums very helpful.



Hello! You might want to join the April showers thread with those of us that are starting radiotherapy this month so we can all compare rashes and symptoms.
Love Eileen xx

hello Sparkle

im a newbie too- thank goodness there are these forums so we can chat and find out stuff.

i recently had a lumpectomy too - 3weeks ago and see the oncology doc on mon re  poss chemo etc.

im still waiting for results of HER2 though at the moment.

wishing you well for friday- let me know how it goes -

all the best winkingfairy




My first session tomorrow has been postponed to Monday.

Hair and nails  tomorrow afternoon, glad to be starting treatment without grey hair.


Sparkle xxx