New member

Hi all new member here, been reading your posts took the plunge to join in.

Had lumpectomy and lymph nodes removed in late july, one lymph node positive, but diagnosed er and her 2 positive.

Have to have 6 cycles of  FEC 3weeks apart then course of herceptin etc. Had first treatment on Thursday, went ok, no real side effects at moment just a bit tired but not sleeping much as drinking water and frequent trips to bathroom.

Keep safe and strong

Bluebird84 xx

Hi Bluebird!

Welcome! why don’t you join us on the October 2020 chemo starters thread? We are all in it together. 

Well done for getting the first treatment ticked off! I had my first one on Friday 16th. 

Hi Bluebird84 - a big welcome to this lovely forum from me too , I’m glad you took the plunge and I’m sure you will find some wonderful support as you go through treatment.

York-75 has already invited you to join the October 2020 thread (let us know if you can’t find it). You will also find lots of other relevant threads on here, and I’d also like to let you know that you can call or message the lovely nurses on here (number at the top of the page) or there is the Someone like Me service where you can be paired with someone who had similar treatment. That’s a quick summary, do ask if you would like more info.

I wish you all the best as you go through treatment, and please do chat and ask any questions on here, no question is too big or small or silly. Everyone just gets where you are coming from and there is never any judging. Evie xx