New mets to brain

Anyone out there with bone mets followed by brain mets? I was diagnosed with mets to spine last January. Treatment on palbociclib was going really well but then in June this year I had to swap to abemaciclib because my neutrophil and haemoglobin levels were repeatedly low and I was having to have extra weeks off the treatment. This week I was diagnosed with bets to the brain. I can’t quite believe it because my scan last month showed the cancer to be in remission. Also I though er positive breast cancer was least likely to spread to the brain. Seing oncologist tomorrow for results of latest mri scan. To say I’m freaked out is an understatement.


What a shock to find that. I didn’t think it goes to the brain either. I have bone mets and treated with abemaciclib but not had a brain scan since initial diagnosis 10 years ago. The abemaciclib is wearing off for me now and I can’t take a higher doses as have a lot of trouble with mouth ulcers and mucous membrane issues.
I’m going on a trial soon and as part of that I’m having lots of tests and scans so no doubt there will be a brain scan. I’ll soon know what the state of affairs is with my body.
Lots of love to you

Hi - I just wondered how you got on a trial? was it through the Oncologist or did you have to find it?
Many thanks xx

It was from the oncologist in a discussion about treatment options.
My other options were chemo tabs or IV which I wasn’t keen on.

So sorry to hear you are facing this, I can understand how terrifying this must be. I hadn’t heard about it not spreading to the brain, so perhaps others could comment.
I just wanted to wish you love and caring thoughts whilst you go through this ordeal. X :heart: