New, need some help

I’ve just registered, and wanted to use the family and friends forum, but it says I’m not allowed to post new content in that forum.
Do I have to do something first?
Thank you

Hi Sharon,

I’m sorry to see that you haven’t had any replies to your post here, but I have now moved it from the ‘how to get started’ forum into the ‘family partners and friends’ forum where I hope you will now get some response.

Take care,

Jo, Facilitator

Hi, I had this and emailed them. A guy called Mike from breast cancer care got back to me and did something to my account which then allowed me to post. If I can find email addy I’ll forward it here :0) btw your first few posts also has to be validated by a moderator before they go live. HTH x

It’s very helpful and sorted asap x

Hi all

Mike Niles is away for a while on holiday so the email address to use is now

Many thanks

Lucy BCC