New Primary diagnosis. Struggling

Hi. Sorry this is so long!! I had breast cancer in 2014 and had a mastectomy, chemo and rads. I thought i struggled then but this time its a whole new ball game! My new diagnosis was found in a routine mammogram in July - 4 sites of invasive cancer. Tiny mets in sentinal lymph node but not in another they removed so they have sent off for oncotype to see if i need chemo. Ive had a second mastectomy.
I havent felt well for months - before i knew about the cancer. I had a chest CT and head CT in June as i had been coughing up blood and felt sick regularly. Both were clear.
I had a PET scan in July which raised something(?)On my lung - inflamation. Had another Ct of chest 2 weeks ago after mastectomy as my breathing was pretty bad which was clear.
I felt great for a week after this but for the last 10 days have felt constantly sick, have no appetite and am sweating. Just generally feel rubbish. Im struggling to do mundane tasks. It wakes me at night.
I went to A and E on saturday as i felt so awful and they said my bloods are fine and they gave me anti sickness drugs.
I have spoken to the breast nurse today who called my consultant. He says he isnt worried, ive had imaging and he thinks its anxiety. ( i think hes sick of me to be honest!)
I am an anxious person, im so worried about my kids but i genuinely feel awful.
Could something of grown in my brain since june? Could they have missed something? Or am i just really anxious and its coming out in such a really intense physical way?
Oh and i also have a sore hip and lower back!
Im really struggling with this and dont know how to cope. My partner says be positive but i honestly would be if i didnt feel so awful.


Treasures :heart: glad you’ve reached out to BCN, don’t ever apologise for how you feel about everything :heart: you want answers and a plan :heart: like you’ve had previously and done previously a treatment plan in place and know what’s happening as you settle into routine of treatments :heart: day at a time :heart: do ring the nurses on here and also use the someone like me option. Also speak to your team they could prescribe something and your Macmillan should offer things like yoga and things for you too :heart:do use the forum as much or as little as you need :heart: we’re all here :two_hearts::two_hearts::sparkles::sparkles:Shi xx

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Thank you for replying. I just wanted to update in case anyone was in my situation. My scans showed no metastasis. I was utterly shocked. I felt so so unwell and even now still feel really nauseus. They are putting it all down to anxiety. I have been anxious before, I’m an anxious person but never have I had these symptoms. Hopefully onward and upward xx

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