New Primary Diagnosis

Hi all, just wondered if anyone out there was unlucky enough to get 2 bc primary diagnosis. Originally diagnosied in June 2006 at 37yrs with grade 1, 1 node effected WLI lumpectomy chemo rads etc. Just over 3 years later and on my 41st birthday i now have bc in my other breast!. Apparently its been caught early but wont know until i have operation next wk then results week later. Has anyone else had this happen?cant believe i have to go thru all this again. Very concerned that eventually this disease will get me in the end!!

Oh poor you F1Fan, my heart goes out to you. You know the drill but I’m sure that that will not make the waiting for results any easier.
Good luck with your results


OMG F1fan that is almost identical to me only i had no chemo first time.

i was diagnosed aged 37 with grade 1 IDC had WLE x2, rads and tamoxifen.

then was diagnosed again in may 2 months before i was 41 with a grade 3 IDC in the other breast and had WLE and currently having chemo and will have rads after.

i thought it was so crap to get it once but even more crap to get it again… and so soon and was still having tamoxifen treatment.

i was ion total shock as it was only picked up on mammogram… but i had a revelation in the shower this morning that my first cancer probably saved my life… because i never noticed it at all… and i wonder if and when i would have done if i hadnt been having routine mammos.

anyway F1fan i tatlly feel where you coming from and its taken a me a few months to get my head round it… with the aid of anti-depressants.

feel free to pm me.

love and hugs Lulu xxx