New problems having been complacent....?problem hand forever



ive posted on the forum in the past.   Had my surgery back in 2014.   Mild lymphoedema near elbow since.  Have been very careful up to now, have travelled o New Zealand Namibia etc. No problems, just wearing sleeve and glove on flights, long coach Travel.   At home, just worn sleeve for heavier activities Etc.   Then the other day I took towels out of wash, quite heavy as I didn’t have time to then do a fast spin with no sleeve, al so moved heavy concertina file. I now have lymphoedema in hand and forearm.  Really upset about it.  All because I’d got out of the habit of putting sleeve on.   I’ve had to see lympho nurse privately as 2 month NHS wait,(the story of my life!!) to be remeasured etc.   I’m to have an full length arm and hand garment, made to measure. Will take a couple of weeks to arrive.   My fingers apart from being cold are quite pale compared with other side


With this swelling in hand etc be permanent now?  Will I always have to wear this type of garment. 





Hi Atat don’t beat yourself up or blame yourself. Unfortunately once it is in one place it can then develop in another part of the arm. Mine started in hand and then developed in elbow which has remained the same now for 4 years though it has improved with continued compression. It is difficult to say if it will be permanent though you will probably have to wear some compression on your hand now to control it. It is unfair what we have to deal with I have had a clinic appointment today for new compression it is never ending and does get you down those who don’t have it don’t understand. Come on here to chat whenever you need to x