new scare

Has anyone had a puffy sesation that they develope in the armpit of the bc side? I have had this from time to time but it usually only lasts for a day or so. Now I’ve had it off and on for 2 months. Along with the side of my chest feeling sore off and on and minor soreness around shoulder blade. Sometime i feel a slight burning sensation, but no redness. Had a mammo and ultrasound 2 weeks ago, both clear. Chest xray and bloodwork last week, all clear. Nor sure what to do now. It doesn’t hurt so much as it is anooying and worrisome to me.

Hi there!

I had my op this time last year, followed by chemo and topped with a lovely helping of radiotherapy in February.
I too am having burning sensations, stabbing pains and also have puffiness under the arm and across my scar. I’m told that this is ‘normal’ whatever that means?
But it doesn’t stop you worrying does it? I think you need to contact your doctor and ask for a referral to put your mind at rest. I’ve done this and I’m hoping I’ll be seen soon. I got lots of help and support from the hospital during my treatment but I think the aftercare stinks. You don’t forget overnight that you’ve had cancer and no-one tells you how thoughts of it retrning pop into your head every time you have a pain. I guess this is why this website is so useful, we have to be our own post surgery support group!
Good luck, hope you get some peace of mind soon

Hi, its almost 5 weeks since my mx,was told to expect very little pain but Im still on 5 cocodamol and 3 ibuprofen each day. the scar appears well healed but tight,my main problem is my shoulder to spine area which feels hot and swollen,a bit like an insect bite.
my underarm area is still sore (in the areas which arent numb!) The consultant said is was normal to experience this sort of pain. Doesnt stop me worrying,my hubby gets exasperated with me for being so pessimistic as the surgeon told me 3 weeks ago that he`ll see me in 3months. I start rads in 2 weeks,am worried this hot,burning area
will get worse. Also started taking “letrozole” this week,any comments on this drug anyone?
Bye for now Mags

Hi there

I was diagnosed last Mat, surgery June, chemo July to Dec. Started femara January. No symptoms at all (other than the first week). Feel good and am back to normal energy levels.

Good luck