I wonder if we should/could have a new section for Breast Cancer after Hodkins lymphoma. This is rare but unfortunatley an increasing problem that the medical profession have been rather slow off the mark to realise the actual risk. I am suggestion a new section as it would be really helpful for these ladies to be able to share and find each other as we have different treatment options to standard.mthanks for considering

Hi Brewster
Thanks for your request, I will send it on to the forum team for their attention

Best wishes
Lucy BCC

Brewster, I think this is a brilliant idea and wonder how many of us are on here. Like you said our treatment options are much different.

Hi Brewster, I have a response from the forum team for you regarding your request:

We wouldn’t create a section for any particular topic but would rather encourage users to create their own discussion within the Sections which we have already provided. We have consulted our Nursing team to suggest the best place for you to create your own discussion and have been advised that you can do this in the ‘I am recently diagnosed’ section and then create a discussion within the ‘Diagnosed with breast cancer’ section. You can title the discussion ‘Hodgkin’s lymphoma and breast cancer’ if you wish

Hope this helps
Best wishes
Lucy BCC

Just wondering why when I go into thethread ANY TRIPLE NEGATIVE SURVIVORS OUT THERE it always enters on page 24 of 35. Is it the thread or my phone? I am using Android Google app.