New sleeve and glove fitted today

I wore my sleeve and glove for 4 hours this afternoon. It felt very supportive and not as uncomfortable as I had imagined. However my hand seemed puffier ghan usual when I took it off! Is this normal? Do I persevere?

Hi , I would get that checked out, when I wore my glove with sleeve my hand was always much slimmer once I removed the glove, worth getting checked just to be sure why x

Thanks Lottie, that is what I suspected. The sleeve is the lightest weight so can’t understand it. Back to the lymphodema nurse next week ek.

Hi, how is your arm and hand now riversidedawn? Having the same issue - the sleeve which comes up my hand and has an open thumb part just makes my hand and fingers swell up! I’m day 18 post last chemotherapy and this week is always the one where the lymphodeima is at its worst so I’m imagining that it’s the chemotherapy affecting it too. Got an appointment with the lymphoedema therapist next Weds (after my first radiotherapy session so I’m sure she will give me advice but it’s getting me down - I struggle to put cardigans on and am really conscious of my obviously swollen arm and hand! I guess this is going to be long term too :confused:
Any advise gratefully received

Sorry for my delay Kim, I missed your response! I saw the lymphodema nurse who gave me different sleeves and gloves. However I have subsequently had further recon surgery which included flattening/ stretching pec muscle just below the collarbone as it had bunched up. Immediate relief from lymphodema!! The muscle must have been blocking the lymph drainage path.

Still doing manual drainage massage twice a day and so far so good.

How did you get on at your appointment? Hopefully they’ve given you a different sleeve / glove combo?

Massage definitely works and I sleep and rest with my arm elevated on a pillow xx

Moved on to bandaging my arm at night because I couldn’t get the compression sleeve on due to tender fingernails which helped. She said not to expect much improvement until a few weeks after radiotherapy tho. Have since been able to get my compression sleeve on and the combination of both seems to help. Gently stroking my arm helps too. Got another appointment next week and I’m going to ask about the glove to help the hand. It’s my elbow that seems to suffer most.
Pleased to hear you seem to be managing yours ok :slight_smile: