New study on Curcumin


A new study has just been published, regarding Curcumin one of the active ingredients in Tumeric, being used for the treatment of cancer. 
Iv pasted the study below, it was published in the journal of Nutrients. 

Curcumin, a component in turmeric could be an effective drug for cancer therapy, according to a new study in the Nutrients journal.

The evidence suggests that the component could help reduce the inflammatory pathways that play a role in cancer development.

Researchers looked at 12,595 studies on Curcumin dating back to 1924 and found that 37% of the papers listed cancer as the major targeted disease.

Though these papers findings look positive for supporting the treatment of cancer, no major study has been carried out on humans using Curcumin.

Scientists hope this most recent study could trigger a large study on humans. 

I hate this spice. But my mother always drinks her coffee with one teaspoon of curcumin