New surgical technique

Hi all

Just been reading about a new (too new for me to want to be a guinea pig for it, I think!) surgical technique for lymphoedema.

If you are interested, the cunningly reworded link is:

3 x w ‘dot’ medicalnewstoday ‘dot’ com ‘slash’ articles ‘slash’ 143356 ‘dot’ php



Yes S, interesting surgical development, but I won’t be rushing off to Houston just yet. Wonder how much it would cost . . .?
Marilyn x

I can’t begin to imagine what the cost would be, considering it’s in the States.

If I was in a position to go ahead with one, I think I’d either stay in France (Dr Becker, whom I’ve met) or go to Germany Dr Bauer (whom a friend who is a retired lymphoedema physio has spoken to).

Are you thinking of splashing out?



Hi again S

No, I’m not intending to have surgery at the moment, but might consider it if my lymphoedema was worse – are the docs in France & Germany doing similar “new” surgical procedures to the ones in the article?

M x

Hi Marif

I think that the methods used by the French and German surgeons are different to the one being used in the States.

They have been carried out for some years in these countries, altho’ not in any great numbers. I don’t know why this is and it would interesting to find out, as lymphoedema patients are a long term financial burden to any health service. My first thoughts would be that by no means every patient is suitable and that having any one of a number of other conditions might mean that a patient would not repsond favourably to the operation.

These are just my thoughts on the matter; I don’t have any facts or info’ to back up these ruminations just yet!

I do have some info’ about the transplants themselves, tho’. If you would like me to e-mail it to you, just pm me.