New symptoms

Good evening ladies, how is every one,
to cut a long story short, had to have biopsy x 2 for suspicious calcifications, turned out pre cancer cells, adenosis sclerosis and fibrocystic breast disease, had loads of complications after surgey, seroma, and then infection so had to be operated on again, really have not felt well since, went to see bs the other day, got slight lymphodema,but main concern is that the bs is sending me to have MRI, swollen axillary nodes, he seemed a bit concerned and said that he needs to rule out that he has not missed anything, nylons anyone else ever had this happen to them, is advice is appreciated, hope u all keep strong and well, xxx

Hi mardijane, sorry to hear you’v had complications and an infection and had to have more surgery. I’m a bit confused though lol you say you have “adenosis sclerosis and fibrocystic breast disease” isn’t that a benign breast condition ?. Did you have invasive breast cancer or DCIS too. Only asking because you say your breast surgeon has told you you have mild lymphoedema which you would only get if you’v had nodes removed. Sorry your feeling unwell and hope that the MRI is just a precutionary thing and it comes back clear.

Best Wishes Melxx

No cancer cells found, that’s how it was explained to me stressy, apparently you can have lympodema without nodes removed, I didn’t think so but apparently I have, and I think the bs is just being cautious because of swollen axillary, and thank you for the comment, xxx

Hi mardijane. I have learnt something new lol, really didn’t know you could get lympoedema unless lymph nodes were taken out. I was reading that infections like cellulitis can cause lymphoedema so maybe this is what has caused yours, also the nodes can become swollen when there is infection so hopefully this is why yours are swollen. I had to have CT scan when diagnosed and my surgeon said he didn’t think it was anything sinister but they have to dot the I’s and cross the T’s .
Wishing you all the best with the MRI Melxx

Thank you Mel,
well can’t believe it, had phone call Sunday afternoon saying got to go Tuesday afternoon for my MRI, getting worried now, that is really quick appointment, it has been exactly a week to the day when I saw the breast surgeon , xxx

Dear mardijane
Good luck for your mri, hope it is just bs being overcautious. Hugs pg xxx

Thank you poems galore, had lots of problems since the surgery so hope it’s just related to that, the bs did say just in case something was missed with the exicional biopsy, but with my history taking no chances, must say he is a brilliant doctor, first thing he said when I went in that I was top of the list when nice guidlines go through for this drug for high risk breast cancer rather than go through the lines of genes, that’s what they looking at the minute, just waiting to hear back of the gene doctors, even lined up for me to see a physiologist as I haven’t really coped with all of this, just brought back loseing my twin sister to bc three years ago, thinking I’m going down the same route, I know I’m probably not, but it doesn’t stop your mind going into over drive does it, I have so much admiration for you ladies, hugs to you all, xxxxx

Hi Mardijane, just to say I too lost a sister to breast cancer and thought the same way as you, I now know we are all individuals and just because my sister had BC it doesnt mean mines the same. I also worried as I had to have an MRI an now believe this is quite normal especially if you have or had a close family member with the disease. It sounds like you have a lovely bs.
Wishing you all the best for your MRI on tuesday Lyn xx

Thank you Lynn,
i know what you are saying, it’s just always in the back of my mind, my risks are quite high apparently because it was my twin sister, and she died before the age of 40. And with me having these problems elevates my risk further, fingers crossed it nothing, well hopefully will find out in the next few days, and yes the bs is great, been under bs for a few years but he is by far the best, very attentive and listens to you, hope you are well, xxxx

So sorry you lost your sister, I lost my mum many years ago to BC and the thought was always in the back of my mind too and when I was diagnosed I was convinced that it was history repeating it’s self and I was going the same way as mum, but that was 5 years ago now and i’m well. As lyn1957 has said we are all individuals. My mums BC is not my BC we are all different. I can understand your fears though and am keeping everything crossed that the MRI is clear.