New symptoms

Hi there, I’m new to this forum thing so am a little nervous, I was diagnosed with a breast cancer and cancer in a lymph node under arm 2 and a half weeks ago and I am booked in for surgery on 25th, the thing is, I have over the last 2 or 3 days found another lump in the same underarm but further round and as I have a swelling near my nipple in the same breast, my nipple is really painful too, should I mention this to the hospital now or should I wait until I go in, I’m a little concerned.

Hiyer Soopy,


I think you should mention this now. I am not saying that this is something that is even more worrying, but for your own peace of mind get it done and dusted. Goodness knows that the wait between diagnosis and surgery is already psychologically draining without having another worry on your shoulders. A quick way to get to the thoughts of the oncologist, is to contact your breast cancer nurse. I am hoping that you definitely already have the phone details to use of the breast cancer nursing team ? In the worst case scenario it will revise how they do your treatment plan/surgery, or it could literally be nothing that concerns them. x

Hiya Charys, thank you so much for your reply, I have just rung and left a message with my breast care nurse, hopefully it will be ok, I try not to worry but one minute I’m ok the next I fretting, x

Hi Charys, got results around 5th April, from mamo, US and biopsies done 20th March, I’m worried in case it has spread since then, is that possible? X

Thank you so much for your advice Charys, I will let you know as soon as I hear back from them, xx