New to all this

Hi everyone - I have been lurking for a few days wondering whether to ‘go public’ and have finally decided to jump in!

I was diagnosed last week with BC (ER+) - picked up by mammogram so it seems small which is good. I’m going in on 2nd July for WLE (with wire) and SNB. One of my worries is that will enough be taken away? I’ve gone out and got new comfy bras (mine were all underwired) but do you have any more tips?

I would say that I am coming to terms with it - but my emotions tell a different story. Can cry over the silliest things - especially when nice things happen.

Hi there loobytuesday,
Sorry to ‘welcome’ you here - there are better places to strut up the red carpet, I’m sure - but you’ll find this place a godsend, especially as you get acclimatised to all the different things that will probably be happening to you over the next weeks/months. You’re lucky that it has been so swift from diagnosis to surgery - some people wait for ages, and no one likes that. Hope the biopsy is clear for your lymph nodes.

Comfy bras are a good step - I’ve always worn underwired & often slightly itchy lace & it was a real revelation to get into sports bras, and no going back. The rest will come when you start getting more data about the treatment that is best for your precise brand of disorder. There are excellent tips for each stage that people will always be ready to bump up for you as needed. Don’t jump too far ahead - deal with one stage at a time. Don’t worry about the tears - don’t they shed hormones or something? I feel better for a good howl, and most of us do it all over the place - there’s even a thread about how to stop it at inappropriate moments.

We’re all in good hands; we’re luckier than millions of women around the world - and there is even a certain sense of sorority about all this that is a real pleasure for many, and an assistance to all.

All the very best for surgery - and hope you share a ward with some really great women. It’s a huge boost!

Cheers, M-L

Hi loobytuesday,

Sorry you’ve had to find your way here. I had a wire guided WLE and SLNB back in May. I was back to work (1/2 days and only work part-time) after 2 weeks. Comfy bras are a must…I tried to wear an underwired one to take my daughter to school 4 weeks post-op…well I got her to school…but couldn’t wait to get it off when I got home again!! And make sure you do the exercises afterwards to get the movement back. My armpit wound was a little leaky for up to about 2 weeks and I had a little bit of fluid behind the scar, but that disappeared after about 2 weeks. Both scars healed beautifully and my lump scar was perfectly flat…

They’ll know exactly the size and position of your lump from the wire and ultrasound/mammogram pics they do before your op, and so they’ll know exactly how much and where they need to take. I was done as a day case and with getting the dye and the wire done the time went really quickly before the op, but it was nice to come home to my own bed, although I think they were quite prepared to keep me overnight if I’d wanted as it was my first general anaesthetic. Take some good books or an MP3 player to while away the time…

Just take it easy and only do as much as feels right for you…everyone reacts differently. I hope everything goes well for you, keep in touch and I’ll be thinking of you on Thursday.
Love 'n hugs,

Hi there Loobytuesday,

Sorry that you have had to join us.

I too had a WLE with guide wire and sentile node biopsy 7wks ago. It’s a bit long winded before you go to theatre as you have the guide wire put in under mammo and then isotopes injected to find the sentile node. I hope that it has been explained to you as no-one told me but it’s not as bad as it sounds and it stops you waiting around wondering when you are going to theatre.

I had to buy a bigger bra post op as the affected boob swelled but make sure that it is well supporting.

I’m just waiting for rads to start on Wednesday so I’ll think of you then. Lucky, no chemo. Hope it’s the same for you.

Good luck for Wednesday. Just think, if the surgeon has to use a guide wire to find it, then it must be small.


Hello Loobytuesday

Welcome to the Breast Cancer Care forums. I am sure you will continue to get lots of help and advice from the many informed users of this site.

You may find BCC’s resource pack helpful which has been designed for those newly diagnosed. The pack is free of charge as are all our publications. If you would like a copy just follow the link below:

If you feel you need to talk to someone in confidence then please give the helpline a call, the staff here are all either breast care nurses or people who have personal experience of breast care issues. The number to call is 0808 800 6000 the lines open Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm and Saturdays 9am - 2pm.
I hope this is of some help to you.

Kind regards

Thank you everyone for taking the time to reply:

Ashamed to say I had to look up sorority, emelle, but it sounds good to me! Yes I know I am lucky - I had a mammogram only a month after my 50th birthday and there have been no hold-ups - but even so the waiting has seemed interminable. I feel much better now that I actually know - I can deal with it - but I want to know what I’m up against. I suppose, as you say, that will come when I find out the path results. Grrr - me being impatient again!

Sarah - you’ve done so well - I’m surprised you were done as a day case - they’ve said that I have to go in the day before (Wed) for the tracer injection and scans for SNB and then will have the wire inserted the next morning - then the op later and probs home Fri but poss Thurs pm. How are you now?

Jo, so pleased to hear that everything has worked out well for you - do you know haw much extra they take out for margins? I suppose it probably varies but I’m wondering if I’m going to be lop-sided! I will think of you too on Wednesday - how many treatments are you having?

Thanks, Lucy, I aleady spotted the resource pack and sent off for it straight away - and received it a couple of days ago! It will be really useful. Just a small query though - in the section Treatment Options there is a sub-section for Surgery and Chemotherapy but nothing for Radiotherapy, Hormone Therapy and Other treatments. Am I missing a bit?

Many thanks for all your good wishes and hope to chat a bit more sometime.

Take care everyone. Looby xx

Hi Looby,

I’ll get someone from Publications department to check if you shoud have more info in your pack and get it sorted if it’s wrong.

Kind regards,
Jo, Facilitator

Hi Looby
dont go looking too far. Just take each step at atime. I had WLE SNB and now need chemo, but may only need rads. Everyone is different. Too much knowledge can be scary.
Lots of love

Hi looby

I was like you suppose to go in day before to get radioactive injection for SNB but i dont like hospitals and as my op wasnt till the afternoon I was allowed to go in that morning. Which was better as everything was quick so I didnt have time to think about the op. I was allowed home that night although still a little woozy. Oh just a word of warning when you come round from your op you will be blue which was a great source of amusment to my visitors looked like mama smurf they even took pics lol. And I had my SNB on 25th April and still have blue T-T so be warned it takes months to go away I’m even thinking of getting a tat there to comemorate by blue boob.

Good luck


Thanks Bridie, I’m just too impatient - alway trying to run when I can’t even walk! Thanks for the tip about the bras - did get two from M&S but I do like the sound of the front fastener and all cotton.

Joanne - I think its going to be very weird to be blue - the BB Club I think! Didn’t realise it lasted so long!

Am going in tomorrow - just looking forward to getting it all done now, thanks for your good wishes. Hope you are both good now, do let me know how you’re doing.

Speak soon, Looby

Hi Looby,
Like everyone else I’d like to apologise you have had to come and chat to us but rest assured the ladies on here are all fantastic.

I had a WLE on 23rd April, it seems so long ago now and also had full node clearance.
I was taken in the day before for the radio-isotope injection and node scan, the injection is stingy but bearable and I got to lie and relax for half an hour while they x-rayed my boob and armpit, lovely.
Not only do you look blue but your waste is blue too, the joys.
I had to have a re-excision due to poor margins but they just went in the original scar and even after this there is not too much difference.
The BCN says that it will fill with fluid in time, I am back to wearing my usual bras again and although I am a 38D I wear the moulded sort of ones and you can’t tell the difference.
Even in soft t-shirt bras there is very little difference and my lump was 2.5x3cm.
My boob is still a bit blue but it is fine, my scar is on the underside of my boob so I can’t see it at all and after BF 3 kids they droop enough to hide it from the front too LOL.
Just take each day as it comes and remember everyone is different.

Love and hugs

Hi Loobytuesday,

Good luck tomorrow.
I’m not loop sided and I did have to change bra sizes in the beginning as my bood swelled( well it would, wouldn’t it if it’s just been attacked!) but now I’m back to usual size.
Remember we’re all differenet and react differently so I hope that it all goes smoothly tomorrow and let us know how you are.
Rads tomorrow for me!


Thanks ladies, - I’ll be back soon to chat !


i was down for blue loo as well. when I came round the radio isotope hasd done such a good job they didnt do it. I’m only a D cup. girl in bed ooposite in ward was GG and her boob was sooooooblue. My husband had called me his blue tit and was dissappointed at first, but my boob was so bruised you couldnt tell.

Chin up Girl as high as it will go



Have been to pre-ad clinic today. Having the same WLE but they said I may have to stay in Mon-Friday. They didn’t tell me about blue- tits, although they did mention using a dye. Joanne, did you have drains put in? That seems to be the reason I won’t be able to go home straight away xxx Love and support to all

Hi I’m back today. Everything went really well and just feel a bit sore and bruised - a bit like someone would feel if they were having a proper boob job I imagine! Blue loo was a shock - I had forgotten and did not expect it to be sooo blue! Bluetit not such a surprise and mingles with the bruising! So you didn’t miss much Bridie!

Jilly - I didn’t have a drain but only had 2 lymph nodes out. When do you go in?

Jo how did your rads go?

Sorry to hear you had re-excision Lisa but hopefully you are back on track now? Are you on rads or chemo?

Anyway over the first hurdle but now awaiting the results …

Hi jilly

No I didnt have drains as my surgeon doesnt believe in them. He was top in his field here so guess he knows what he talking about. I never had any bother with it and not much swelling but the little i did have i was happy with cos it put my boobs from c to d didnt want them to go back down never mind this time next year I’ll be DD so it gives me something to look forward to lol


Hi Looby,

Glad that everything went ok and that you have joined the blue tit club! Blue loo is startling isn’t it! Hope the dye doesn’t stay around for to long. Mine’s all gone but was around 3 wks but faded fast. Glad also that you only had 2 nodes out, good sign, I only had 3 removed, all clear.

Rads not too bad, just a pig of journey everyday. Everyone there very nice and kind and the unit is brand new. Keeping the skin well creamed and had to go out and buy high necked Tshirts today. Just replaced all of mine with scooped necks as I’ve lost a lot of weight and now I’ve had to buy another lot. One particular store is doing very well out of me and then they complain that their sales are down - how dare they!!!

Hope you continue to do well and be kind to yourself.



Sorry I 've only just read your message. I too had a WLE and sentiel node biopsy with dye. The dye makes your boob a bit blue like a bruise and you get rid of it via your wee. It only lasted around 3 wks and now completely gone 8wks. I would ask again why they have indicated you stay so long in hospital. Mine was done as day case. No drains were involved and the wound was smaller than I expected.
I hope that has anwsered some of your questions. I hope that you are not waiting too long.


my dye is stillthere after 3 months.