New to all this

Hello I have recently joined your club. Diagnosed last Friday with a stage 2 (3cm and 1 lymph node) grade 3 tumour. Oestrogen positive just waiting for the Her2 result. So definitely surgery and chemo just a case of which order. I found the lump on holiday and have gone to dark places as I also have a pain in my hip developed at the same time. My doctor has agreed to a ct scan although that is at my request and he doesn’t seem to think the two are connected. I am researching like crazy but it is a double edged sword. I have also had to close down work in 24 hours which is surreal. Interested in any similar stories and advice. Thanks in advance. Liz

Hi Liz,

You poor girl, a new diagnosis is always such a shock. Life can take dramatic turns for sure.  

I was diagnosed 15 years ago. 4.5cm with 3 nodes positive - a lobular tumour. Here I am 15 years later as fit as ever and disease free.  Being hormone pos is good as it offers extra treatment options.  You just have to take things day by day and trust in the team looking after you.  The treatments now are really excellent and like so many of us, you will come out the other end. 

On the hip pain issue, I got back pain and sciatica in the middle of my chemo rounds, so I know all about those dark places. I nearly destroyed my lap-top slamming it shut once during my online searches.  Scan showed it was a disc prolapse which was a profound relief.  Funnily enough the steroids for the chemo dealt with the sciatica.  So you have done absolutely the right thing getting a scan organised. 

At this stage you just have to trust in the medical process and take one day at a time. Talk to anyone who is supportive. 

so lots of hugs from here