New to capecitabine

Hi wondering if someone can tell how long before scan to show if this treatment is working.Was. On pablociclib and Letrozole stopped working after a year,now on 2 week plus one week off cycle.Started new treatment in June.

thank you

Hi Walsh,

I’ve been on capecitabine since January. I had a CT scan about 4 weeks after starting it and it showed a reduction in tumours in my liver and stability in my lymph nodes. I think time for a scan varies and mine was done fairly quickly as I had had a problem with my liver being blocked and ALT levels of over 1000. This was before I started the capecitabine! I hope you have good results with this chemo as it is less stressful than having chemo intravenously and your hair should not fall out. Having said that my hair has thinned a lot but not noticed by others, just me. There is a long thread with tips on taking Capecitabine which is well worth a read. I miss people posting there as at one time there was a regular community keeping in touch. Wishing you all the best. Bee


I started Capecitabine-xeloda in May. Mets in my Liver - my markers came down significantly by half after the first 2cycles. I had a MRi scan and CT today so waiting for the pictures. Fingers crossed its in control. It’s fairly easy to tolerate compared to IV though hands and feet were sore. I read the tips on this site and now have that in good control. I have just learned from the scan that I have a clot in my inferior venna cava. I was called back before leaving the hospital and started on blood thinning treatment. The doctor explained that chemo and cancer make this likely. It’s spooked me


Just joined up and read your post and felt a connection through your message. I too  was on Palbocicilib and Letrozole for a year but it has not worked regarding my liver. My consultant is suggesting I go on to Cape in a couple of weeks time. I’ve read the side effects and must admit I feel rather concerned taking this drug. How did you find being on it?