New to DCIS


I was recently diagnosed with DCIS - I was then sent for a MRI which has detected further abnormalities.

Ive been booked in on Thursday 28th March for two biopsies to determin whether or not these abnormalities are cancer too.

Has anyone else been in this situation where the MRI showed further abnormalities? 


Hi Sunshine,

Others here have certainly had a similar experience.

I also had an mri, which didn’t show up anything else, however, afterwards I was relieved it was done as I felt reassured that everything was done to get the best treatment plan for me. 

Although going through it is difficult, as it prolongs the uncertainty, it’s far more important they get it right - that’s what I told myself, anyway!

ann x


Hello, it was the same for me. I had a lump which was biopsied as cancer and then they did an MRI scan and there was another area they were worried about, I then had another biopsy but that came back negative, I think sometimes breast tissue can be very dense and the MRI doesn’t recognise if it’s abnormal or not, so I wouldn’t worry yet (although I feel for you having to go through 2 more biopsies!) Hope it all goes well xx


I don’t understand why we all don’t have MRI

if breast tissue dense, as mammograms apparently don’t pick up all abnormalities and dense breast tissue is sometimes hard to assess. I think in America they often have both. 

Hope all goes well for you x