New to Forum - Chemotherapy for ER+ PR+ HER2 neg



I am new  and  I am not sure why it has taken me so long to join.   This still feels so unreal.


I was diagnosed in March with Breast Cancer, Ductal Carcinoma,  Stage 1, Grade 3 ER+ PR+ HER2-  size 38mm.   I had Therapeutic Mammoplasty Surgery and SNB in April, results after surgery was size 40mm with no node involvement.


I received my results this week for Oncotype DX test, with recurrence Score of 25 and due to my age (48), I have been recommended 6 x FEC Chemotherapy over 18 weeks, followed by Radiotherapy and Hormone Therapy.

I have decided to go ahead with this, not sure is this is the right thing to do, but agree with friends and family, they would not recommend Chemotherapy if this did not benefit me. 


I am awaiting confirmation of appointment of Chemotherapy assessment, please could anyone advise what happens during the assessment and how quickly afterwards would treatment start.


Thank you.  

Chance 2019:heart:










Welcome to the forum. 

The chemo assessment will go through the procedure with you, potential side effects and how to look after yourself during that time. For me, I started the treatment a week after the assessment. 

When you have a start date, I would recommend joining the chemo monthly thread, so that you can chat to others going through the same as you. 

Best wishes 

Sue xx 


i’m also new to this, just posted my first question a few minutes ago!

Think I am going through the same treatment as you, I start chemo on the 26th June and am scared about what’s to come. My main fear is losing my hair which I know sounds pathetic but it’s everyone knowing and me looking different. I am going to try the cold cap and we will see.

would like to fast forward 6 months when it’s done. Good luck with your treatment, we will get through this! Xxx

Hi and welcome Chance2019 and Nicola to the forum nobody really wants to be part of but so glad we are?. 

Firstly your reactions are so normal, it is one heck of shock to the system when your diagnosed, especially as we generally feel so well in ourselves which makes it even harder to comprehend. It will seem so overwhelming to start with, so much to learn and understand, don’t worry it will come.

I’m IDC grade 3, ER+ and HER2-, node -, stage 1 9mm, my onco score was 40 hence why I am on chemo. 25 and above usually indicates chemo a bit lower when you’re under 50 (I’m 53).

It’s a rollercoaster of emotions and you’ll have ups and downs but you will find things to laugh about, it might sound unbelievable now but you will?

Many people find chemo no where near as bad or as scary as we think it will be, me included, i’ve had very few side effects and hopefully so will you.

Main things I can tell you is to make sure you drink plenty of water especially the day before chemo, the day of chemo and the day after it helps keep your veins plump and flushes the toxins through your system quicker. The E part of FEC turns your urine red for 24 to 48hrs after - so don’t panic when it does. As for diet I was advised to eat a normal healthy diet but follow the pregnancy one i.e no runny eggs, pre washed salad, raw fish etc. Keep your skin well moisturised, chemo dries it out. If you have eczema try and get it under control now. Look after your feet, sort out any cracked areas and don’t wear shoes that will blister your feet as infections can start in sore open areas. Your immune system will take a bit of a battering which makes you more prone to infections so a bit of skin pampering can help minimise the risk.

Hair is a biggy for the majority, I didn’t cold cap, not that I wanted to lose my hair, I just didn’t want the associated pain but many women do use it, just remember it isn’t guarenteed to work but it has for many.

There is so much more to say but I reckon your head will be spinning even more now. Honestly once you start it wont be as bad as you think. Join a chemo thread, you can share stories and keep each other going throughout your treatment. Ask as many questions as you like, there will always be someone to help and support. If I can help at all give me a shout and I’ll be happy to.

Take care and don’t panic, you will get through this?

Joemic X