New to forum recently diagnosed

Hi All, 

Im new to this i thought i’d join as recently been diagnised with breast cancer, i have delt with it well i think this is due to telling my self if was cancer from day finding the lump. All seems to have gone quick and ive gone with it. 

So far i had an appointment ultra sound scan that turnt into a mamogram and the having 2 biopsy done aa it showed on ultra sound cancer spread to lymph node. Ive recently been for a MRI scan abd CT scan. 

Wondering if anyone else experiances tingling pain come and go? I thought may be was from where had biopsies done. 

Tue i have a call with Surgon i guess will tell results of scans. Surgery on 7th Jan 2022 this seems ages away worried its going to spread as diagnonis was invasive ductal carcinoma grade 3 her2 negative. 

Any support or people going through the same will be greatfull have 2 young children too 6yrs and 4 yrs im only 31 my self. Thanks 

Hi Mel

  I was diagnosed with IDC grade 2 on Nov 4th and am having mascetomy on 29 Dec. I also have 2 children (aged 9 and 15); having dependent children makes this journey that much more daunting. You will find lots of support on here. I was also worried about timescales (I first went to GP back in September ) but I’ve been assured in my case that surgery is not needed immediately. The 7th will come round soon enough. Hopefully others on here can reassure you too.  Claire xx

Hi Mel (again)

They need to process all your test results so, although a month away seems a long time, I thought this timescale was normal. My surgery occurred 6 weeks after my first consultation (and I went private thinking it would be quicker). You may well have an image of rogue cells running rampant round your body during this ‘delay’ but that’s not how cancer works, although things do move faster if you are Triple Negative.

The language of breast cancer world is new to us so words like ‘aggressive’ and ‘invasive’ sound alarming at the least but they are simply the language of oncology and don’t have the same meaning as we understand them in the normal world. Trust your team - they would never delay things and put you at risk. Also, trust your lymph nodes - they’ve caught your cancer cells so far, which is their job. There’s no reason to assume they won’t continue to do this. 

Now is the time to relax, give your children a fun Christmas (did I say relax?) and take good care of yourself, especially your emotions.

Jan x


I can understand where you are coming from. I was diagnosed 21st October and I have had several scans since and I still haven’t started treatment. I am sure that the professionals know what they are doing so I am putting my trust in them as I am in a similar situation where it is in my lymph nodes.

I am staying positive and making the most of the time before treatment kicks off. I think the key is to take each day as it comes and these forums seem to be a good place to talk to others. I wish you all the best on this journey x

Hi mel1989,

like you, I just joined this forum because I was just diagnosed 2 days ago with breast cancer at this point is all I know. I am 51yr old black female (actually very fair skinned)but anyway, I’m like you, I think so far I’m holding up pretty good, haven’t had a meltdown. I’m hoping my faith in God will get me through and I can be a survivor just like some of the ladies at my church. I will meet with the oncologist next Monday Dec.20 to get more details. I plan to post more details once I get further along and would like to hear some good news from you as you travel this new chapter. Your babies are really young and I pray you will be just fine so you can continue to be the best mom for them. Keep me posted on your journey and I’ll do the same. I had a biopsy and I don’t feel any tingling, just a little soarness in the biopsy area. I just had my mammogram in October that was good-showed nothing, but a few weeks ago I felt what I will call a discomfort spot on the side of my breast. Ultrasound from there, biopsy next, results showed cancer. I don’t know much of anything else. Still processing and in shock.

God bless you and your family :two_hearts: . Hang in there, we got this