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Hi! This is quite new to me but feel like it would be best to talk to people who know what I am feeling. I am a 21 year old otherwise healthy female who started to have symptoms. I’ve had tingling in my right breast for a few weeks, and became very excruciating overnight. I had a fever for only one day. The next day I woke up and my breast was 3x the size and had redness that looked like bruises, and this has only gotten worse. My PCP ended up telling me to go to the ER which I did & they started me on antibiotics and referred me to a breast surgeon. The ER doctor advised me that Mastitis mimics symptoms of Inflammatory Breast Cancer which is very rare but common in younger people. I went to the breast surgeon and she put me on stronger antibiotics and said we would keep an eye on it. This is a few days later & there seems to be no change in my pain, the swelling, or redness.   Today, I experienced a tingling sensation in my right arm and shoulder, even a bit in my neck. Almost feels heavy? It did go away I think for a little while and then came back and feels more intense this time around.  I plan on sharing this with the surgeon tomorrow, but just worried and unsure of what is going on and how this process works. Thank you in advance for any response, even if I don’t respond I truly appreciate it.

Hi casey

I can’t offer you a diagnosis on your symptoms (I’d be irresponsible) but it’s good that you are seeing your surgeon tomorrow. I would suggest you have clear notes on the symptoms, their severity and how long they last as, once you get into the consultation room, you are so focused on “please don’t let it be breast cancer” that everything else seems to flee your memory. Also, have your questions written out and tick them off as they’re answered.

Obviously there is something wrong with your breast, hopefully an infection of some kind. Maybe they haven’t found the right antibiotic yet. It doesn’t mean it’s cancer so don’t assume that. Please don’t google anything (too late?) as search engines come up with information completely irrelevant to our particular case (but we don’t know that) and have no concern for the emotional impact the information may have. Almost all of us here would say it’s dangerous territory. You can ring the breast care nurse at the number above (but you’re not in the UK are you - is there an equivalent support charity where you are?)

I do know that pain isn’t usually a symptom associated with breast cancer if that helps. I also know that you will experience heightened awareness until you are reassured so you may well register symptoms that normally you’d just shake off. Having said that, the more information you can present your consultant with, the more likely you are to get the right treatment. I wish you all the best xx

Hi I hope you’re ok ? I’m going through a similar thing and worried sick . How did your appointment at the breast clinic go? Take care