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I recently went to the breast clinic for a small lump. Not my first visit (im 45) but previous trips have been fine, last one, a year ago, found a cyst where they drained it and sent me on my way. Wednesday they thought it was another cyst but then ultra sound and specialist decided it was more sinister and needed a biopsy! I’m now sore and awaiting results and feel like I’m stuck in no man’s land! Was advised that I bring someone with me to my appointment,  worried as a single mum but it’s also my boys birthdays within 2 weeks, talk about bad timing! 

Just need somewhere to shout out and know I’m not on my own! Not sure if it’s biopsy that’s sore or the amount of tape on my boob!! Haha can’t wait to have a shower tomorrow!

Thanks for listening!!

Hi, just spotted your post and wanted to say, no, you’re not on your own and you’ve come to the right place if you’re wanting to have a shout/let off steam. I remember what it was like waiting for results. Like you, I’ve been to the clinic a few times, previously when I was younger and it was benign, and then when I had my first mammogram, which led to biopsies etc. You’ve done the right thing getting it checked out. I know you’ll probably know all about the low chance that it’s serious, about all the stats for people who are re-called, and how it’s sometimes necessary to do more tests when people are younger as the screenings/images are harder to do. And I also know that, despite all this, you’ll be anxious, because I was too, and trying to work out if there’s any clue in the way they said things. We all find our own ways of getting through the waiting. I watched an awful lot of binge tv - don’t think I followed it all that well! You might notice, like I did, that you feel stronger at some times of the day than others. For me, I felt more emotional when it was late at night, or in the morning, so I decided to go extra gentle on myself then, to distract myself with nice or non-taxing things, keep busy etc, and that seemed to help. Maybe that would help you. Sounds like you have a busy full life with your boys birthday coming up too. As for biopsies, yes, they can hurt. I over-did things a bit, did the lawn mowing etc, and had quite a lot of bruising, but it settled down. I really hope things turn out well for you. This waiting for results is an anxious time, but I realised that, ultimately, it’s just about letting the science do its job to get facts, and the sciencey side of it just takes time. Once you get those facts, then you’ll have the answers. Even if it is the result you don’t want, it’s better to know than not know, and there are so many ways to treat cancer now. And if you get the all clear, then you’ve also learnt more about what’s normal for you, so it’s all worthwhile. Really hope you get good news and, in the meantime, be kind to yourself. Also, you can always ring the phoneline for the charity here if you need to chat things through, it’s for anyone who’s got concerns, not just those with a diagnosis, that’s something I wish I’d known as the people on the phoneline are wonderful and really helped me unscramble my thoughts and worries.