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Hello, I’m Pauline, I’m 59 and was diagnosed with stage 1 Breast cancer last July. This tiny tumour was discovered through my 2 yearly mammogram. I’m so lucky as I wouldn’t have felt it myself. I had a lumpectomy in August and 15 radiation treatments in September- October. Everything went great and I started Letrozole in October. I had a hysterectomy in November (not cancer related) and that surgery was great and changed my life in that department! Just after Christmas I felt a lump around one of my scars & seen my specialist 3 weeks ago and he felt a different tiny lump. Had an ultrasound & mammogram today, they didn’t seem overly worried, but told me I could go home and they will be in touch. One of the lumps is scar tissue but don’t know about the other. I’m hopeful it’s just change in tissue from radiation but I can’t help but be a little anxious. I also feel so guilty because my situation is so small when I read how terrible others are. Thank you for allowing me to join.

Hi Pauline

This must be a worrying time for you. I just wanted to say that, responding as someone with Stage 4 bc, no one’s experience is bigger or smaller. Yes, in clinical terms, obviously things are more serious and that can’t be changed; but we are all human beings sharing the same emotional response. Breast cancer in any form is frightening until you get used to things. Any new development must set off alarm bells and most people worry themselves sick about things, often unnecessarily - but you don’t know that till later. Sp please feel free to use the forums as an equal, not someone feeling guilty because there probably is nothing to worry about (I’m not saying that but you implied it!). 

I hope you get your answers quickly. On the plus side, your cancer was caught and treated early and your consultant “didn’t seem overly worried” - why not take their lead and worry if you are told there is something to worry about (my approach lol).

Take care

Jan x