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Hi.  I have  just been diagnosed with stage  2 breast cancer and need to have a mastectomy next week.  Any advice on how  long physical recovery takes.? 

Welcome to the forum Lou , you could also post about this in the surgery section of the forum ,hopefully there will be plenty of people to share their experiences  .Good luck with your op .

Hi Lou.

I had a mastectomy last Wednesday!  I am doing well and still got my drain in.  I am moving around well and fingers crossed my drain will be out on Thursday Stay strong.  Much love for your surgery.  

Hi Lou

anything you need to know then just ask


It depends a lot on your own personal health before going into surgery. For me, I had a double mastectomy and two weeks later was back to my normal routine. At that point I started stretching to restore reach and strength. I personally didn’t find the double mastectomy healing that bad. 

Hi Lou 72

I had stage 2 and had a mastectomy in November.  Recovery is different for different people but my personal experience was ok.  Don’t expect to much of yourself, listen to your body.  Just remember to start your exercises as soon as possible (usually the following day after surgery) it really helps.  Good luck with your recovery.