New to group

Hi everyone,

I would like to introduce myself. I had my first invite for mammogram in February and diagnosed with stage 3 with lymph involvement following a recall and biopsy. I had a mastectomy with ANC on March 20th. Just had CT results which thankfully were normal. I will be starting FEC-T on May 17th.
Being a nurse myself, I am finding it difficult being on this side of treatment. No-one truly understands until they have gone through it themselves. The uncertainty and fear when waiting for results and outcomes is indescribable .
I have been reading the forums and although I have incredible support from family and friends I feel I will benefit from this group and hopefully we can all support each other.
Wishing my best to all of you.

Tracey Mac


Hello and welcome, not really somewhere you would choose to be, but you will get tons of support from the wonderful ladies on the forum in general and particularly on the chemo monthly thread.


Helena xx

Hi Tracy
Welcome to the forum and so sorry that you have found yourself here.
I’ve started a thread for those who are beginning chemo in May and you are very welcome to join. It’s great for support and sharing tips.
Sue xx

Helena we are in sync today?

Thank you, I have just seen the chemo may group a d copied my message there.

All good Helena… I’ll send you a pm x