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Hi, I am still on my cancer journey and have been taking Letrozole for three and a half years now. I found this site very informative but have only read posts, never replied as yet. I am not very computer savvy but feel I should help others in any way I can and reply to posting and share my happenings if I can. I had a mastectomy and lymph node clearance back in March 2019 followed by chemo and radiotheraphy Had zolodronic iv infusions every 6 month for 3 years (finished these now) Have so many side effects from the Letrozole but determined to keep going. I am probably one of the oldies on this site (I am 72) but sometimes feel 100. I am very lucky to have a wonderful supportive husband. I feel for all you lovely ladies, especially you young ones with children - how do you cope, yet you do because you have to do so. My heart goes out to everyone.


Welcome to the forum Sunshine21 , thank you for sharing your experiences . Best wishes Jill .


Dear Sunshine

Love the name, what a lovely warm message you have posted, you have made my day. I would like to wish you well going forward with health and happiness and if you can keep taking the pills (you have done very well)
With the biggest hugs Tili :pray::rainbow::sunny::rainbow:

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Hi Jill 1998 and Till, Thank you for your replies to my introduction. There seem to be such lovely ladies on here. Maybe because we are all “ in the same boat” so to speak. Yes Till I shall keep taking those little Letrozole pill. I like to think they are saving my life and letting me see my four young grandchildren grow up.
Sending you all warm wishes.


Hi sunshine21 yes we cope because we have to ups an dows good an bad an difficult life issues, I’m 58 an have an adopted 3 year old ( from 10 day old ) life has been tough with cancer last year I’m getting there an adjustment to my new normal is slowly appearing, doesn’t stop the fear an anxiety on top of the exhaustion but we carry on regardless :heart::heart:


Yes Nikki, there is always going to be fear and anxiety but we must believe there is light at the end of the cancer tunnel. You take care.

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I too am three and a half years on Letrozole. I’m 70. First BC 2001/2 then 2020. Mastectomies and reconstruction both times. It’s hard but I know it’s a hell of a lot worse for many more. I feel for the younger ones with babies and young children who are unable to fully enjoy family life due to harsh treatments which debilitate.
I have another three and a half years on meds. I do wonder how I’ll feel physically and mentally when the course ends.
Sending hugs!

Thanks sunshine21 you too xx :heart:

Thankyou sunshine21 I’m ok an plodding on with the new normal , still feel shattered at times but I’m upright an breathing haha we carry on regardless of whatever is thrown our way, take care xxx