new to site

Hi. I am new to site. I have secondary breast cancer. Found in my lymph glands again after 5 years. Living with secondary breast cancer for 18 months.Welcome comments from any new friends.

Hi Wendywoo

How are you doing with your secondaries?? I’ve rec the news this week that I have bc again (only 7 months post treatment from primary dx in June 09), I’m waiting on a body scan to determine if its spread further and I feel like everything I’ve achieved in the past 16 months has been for nothing.

I’ve been told they want to start me on the Chemo ASAP so the Happy Healthy Xmas I was looking forward to this year has been snatched away yet again.

I’m trying to be positive but I’m finding it almost impossible.


so sorry to hear the bad news :frowning:
I have secondary breast cancer, it has spread to my bones. Diagnosis not good but they have the medication at the moment to keep the pain away.
I am not here much now, but I am sure there are loads of good people
who will help you. This is a good site

Hi ladies

I have had secondaries for 2 years and felt like it wasd the end of the world when they arrived after only 2 mnths off treatment, but after chemo and permenant herceptin I have managed to keep the bone mets at bay for over 2years - albeit I now know (Thursday last week) that the cancer has spread again.

Bone mets, whilst painful (I have a fractured sternum which is very painful if not managed) can be managed and I think you can have long periods with no worsening, in the best cases.

I know secondaries are always a terrible shock, and chemo is rubbish (about to start my 4th x 6 cycles and so fed up), but if it wasn’t for herceptin I would not be around and they are finding new amazing drugs all the time so keep up the fight!

Hi Wendywoo and Poppet75, welcome to this site. There are lots of us ladies on here and you’ll get a lot of support, even though I know you would much rather not be here :frowning:

Best wishes
Alison x

Hi i am new to this site was dignosed with brest cancer last year gone trough all the treatnent was on herseption for a feew mounts only to be told that is was not doing the job new i have secondary bc on cmf and tyverb please good this keeps it under control so frinted but at the same time i am trying to keep up the chin i no it is hard far all of going trough it but u no the harder we fight the better for us all we cant let the bully of cancer take of our lifes o my spelling is so bad sorry

Hi Bananna

So sorry you have secondaries, where are they (that’s if you don’t mind me asking)? You are very welcome to this site and will get a huge amount of support and good tips etc from us that have unfortunately ‘been there and bought the t-shirt’. Hope your new chemo regime works well, I was on Tyverb for 3 months, found it quite an easy one to do.

Best wishes


Hi linda no i dont mind you asking the cancer came back under my skin has not spreed to any were else thank god are you still on the tyverb i am doing ok on it at the moment but the cmf chemo is a bit hard i hope yyou are doing pk nice to talk to you x