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I am new to the site. Finished my treatment last month and struggling trying to get back to normal. I have two young children and wondered how others coped at this time.

Hi there - Welcome to us! Being younger and having young kids brings yet another dimension to this crappy disease. My kids aren’t particularly young and i know how difficult and emotional that has been - there are lots of ladies on here who are going through the same as you and i know they’ll come along soon and share some thoughts with you. Just wanted to say welcome and congrats on getting through your treatment.


welcome to the site!!
Congratulations!! on getting through your treatment , i am just about to start chemo and with 3 kids and can only imagine just now how hard treatment is going to be aswell as juggling the kids.
I read a good book last night called The Cancer Survivors Companion by Dr Frances Goodhart and Lucy Atkins, it is to help with your feelings after your treatment has stopped!!
Take care Lynn x

Hi 2youngones and welcome to the BCC forums

In addition to the support here you may find the BCC ‘Moving forward’ information and services helpful, you can read more here;

Take care

Hi Lynn and Lynn123 - thank you for replying - this is so lovely to be able to use this forum. Thank re the book, it is better getting recommendations as don’t want to read anything negative/scary.

My first thought when I was diagnosed was I wish my children were older. I was weaning my daughter off of breastfeeding so thought I had blocked milk ducts, but it was a v large tumour and they could feel it in my lymph nodes too. I had chemo first. I was terrified - in fact they had to give me a tranquiliser to calm me, however, it was not as bad and I actually have not wished my treatment to end in some ways (thought I have got to be ok at time of active treatment).

Lynn - three little ones and treatment too, we know how busy it is anyway but I have a very supportive mum and sister-in-law to help out. I saw my sister in law a lot as her children, my nieces, were able to play with my children so not notice me being tired/lying down as much etc. My husband took on a few jobs like doing my son’s packed lunch for school and helping with dinner. Hope your chemo goes ok, I just wanted to get the treatment started as soon as possible to get rid of it. Thank you again for posting, xxx


I was diagnosed in the same circumstances - I was breastfeeding my then 8 mth old and her breast feeds were decreasing as she started to take more solids. I assumed blocked duct at first as well - but nope - large tumour here as well.

I have 2 young children as well - 21 mths and 3.5 now - I finished treatment last August.

All I would really say is give it time. I still get extra help off my family as I tire easily. I went back to work part time in October which was a step towards normality. But to be honest I try to just plan fun things and enjoy as many family as with the kids as I can. Christmas was a very welcome, busy, distraction if I am honest, and we also went on holiday in January.

It really is hard to move on as the fear is always there.

Lots of hugs to you and just know that slowly it will get easier.

My kids are really too young to have noticed that I was ever ill. My eldest remembers I was ill with a lump - but he doesn’t really remember properly.

I do have lymphoedema and I think that is a product of having young kids and having to lift them etc.