New to the forum and saying hello

Hi there everyone.  Today is my first time looking at the forum, hoping to find a little inspiration and encouragement maybe from others in the same position, and just to wish everybody well in their own journey. :slight_smile:


I was diagnosed with primary breast cancer on June 19 and have just had my 4th cycle of chemo. Surgery should follow later in the autumn and possibly radiotherapy after that, and hopefully this will be enough to deal with the problem?? It’s a horrible wait to see what happens but I’m trying very hard to stay positive for myself and my family and get through the nasty treatments as best I can.  


I’m having T-FEC chemo, the docetaxel bit is all done and I just changed onto the FEC part which is making me feel a bit nauseous but otherwise so far the side effects seem much the same.  Hair is thinning and patchy, I tried the cold cap twice but as my hair was starting to go on top I decided not to stick with it as there didn’t seem much point in going through that if it wasn’t going to work.  I had it cut short as a transition, but now just deciding whether to shave off what I have left or continue to let it thin out…  today is a chilly day and I must say I miss my hair!


Looking forward to reading more on the forum and wishing everybody well x


Hi, I’m new to this forum too. I’m 36 yrs old and was diagnosed in July, had lumpectomy and had 1st cycle of FEC. I am due to have my second chemo next week. I also tried the cold cap so far no hair loss so will be having cold cap again next week. Hoping I have some hair… I also got an appt to get a wig just in case. There are days when i feel a bit down and worry so much about everything. I’m trying to busy with my two boys 6 and 12. It’s really a hard time going through all this.

Sorry forgot to ask how was the T bit of your chemo? Any side effects? I’ll be having 3 T once I completed 3 FEC. I’m a bit nervous about the T (Doxcetol). Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks

Hi, yes it’s very hard to keep it together for the kids I agree, my daughter is 7 and I’m a similar age to you too, found the lump on my 38th birthday. I try to keep busy and not think about what’s to come too much, sometimes your thoughts are your own worst enemy!!

For me the T part of T-Fec was unpleasant but not as bad as for some people, I got a few side effects - face neck and chest flushed, muscle pains, dry sore mouth and really weird taste in mouth, feeling flu-like, constipation, tiredness, numb finger tips, watery eyes. My periods also stopped and have had hot flushes, restless legs and night sweats ever since, hoping this is temporary! But I found that towards the end of each cycle I had a few days where my energy came back a bit and felt almost normal again :slight_smile:
Just hoping the nausea on FEC doesn’t last too long, I can’t take the antisickness pills because the constipation is killing me! Hate hate hate constipation so I would rather have the nausea.
Good luck with the docetaxel, ooh yes meant to say my top tip for hot flushes is buy a Chillow - absolutely the best £25 I ever spent! Found it on a website called Not another bunch of flowers, have used it every night since I bought it and it’s brilliant x

Hi Rachael n Talsgee, hopefully having the treatment makes you feel positive about things. My wife has been told she needs chemo, and it’s scary what it does to your body but hopefully will destroy the thing! There’s a thread called, just diagnosed and wanting to talk that is place for advice and idle chit chat. Xx

Thank you bazza :slight_smile:

No worries Rachel, I’ve had a look at the chillow. It looks interesting and I may have to purchase it for my wife x