New to the group with bone and liver mets


I’m new to the group after being diagnosed with liver mets this week.  I hot initially diagnosed 11 years ago,developed bone mets to pubis after 4 years and was stable on letrozole and denosumab. I’ve had some pain but 7 years on have further bone mets to femur, L spine, pelvis,pubic bone and liver.

I’m to start on abemaciclib and fulvestrant.  I’ve been told it’s relatively new. 

Is anyone else on these drugs? I’ve been told they are a new alternative to chemo and trials have been promising. Here’s hoping!

Any replies will be much appreciated,

Bev x

Hi Bev, welcome to the forum .This thread may be helpful for you .All the best .Jill .


Hi Bev,

im on the same treatment along with Denosumab.

my primary was in 1999 and then can back 5 years ago in bone and a year ago in liver. I’ve been on Faslodex the last year and 2 months ago we added Abemaciclib. I started on the 150mg dose twice a day but came out in a terrible allergic rash. I’ve been on the reduced dose of 50mg twice a day which has been great and we’re about to try the 100mg twice a day to see if I can tolerate it. Tummy fine on 50 but was bad on 150.

lets hope it works well for us both x