New to the waiting room

Hello, I have just joined the waiting room, get my biopsy results next fri. I found a lump in my left breast about six weeks ago but as I was going on holiday the next week,decided to make an appointment when I got back. As fate would have it,when I got home there was a letter saying I had been randomly selected for a mammogram. I knew I would be called back and yesterday I had ultrasound and biopsy. I asked the consultant if she had any idea what it was and she said she suspected a small cancer and if the results come back benign she would insist on another biopsy, so feel pretty sure what they will tell me next week. Am quite calm at the moment and trying not to think about it too much, but not sure what I’ll be like nearer the time, but reading through the forums on here is helping .

Hi Strummergirl
Welcome from me. Tricky time, the waiting bit. Trying not to think about it sounds like a plan. Don’t google, because 90% of the info out there is total rubbish. Modern treatments are very effective for most people. Not fun, but effective.

Many lovely people here who are great at support and info.
Ann x (diagnosed Jan 2011, just finished chemo, still got surgery and radiotherapy ahead of me)

Hi strummergirl
Sorry to hear your having to join us. There are loads of fab folk here who can help answer your questions and share your concerns with.

The waiting is the worst bit while are wanting to get on and get it treated but usually after confirmation of diagnosis it’s a fairly quick jump on to surgery. And then again you have a bit more waiting on the full path results before getting the rest if your treatment plan.

Lulu xx

hi strummer girl. Usually the waiting is the pits, and nothing settles down till you have the results. Perhaps you have been helped because they already gave you a reasonable indication that it is a small cancer so you have been saved the “is it or isnt it” bit of the waiting. or perhaps you are a naturallly pragmatic person.

anyway hope you carry on feeling calm for the next week. Do come back and tell us how you are getting on, or if you have sudden questions pop back and see if we know the answer–I bet somebody will

thanks for your comments,I am normally quite a chilled out person but was feeling a bit panicky this morning, suppose I’ll be like this till Friday and like you said at least I knew about the lump so this hasn’t come out of the blue and i was sort of prepared when i got called back. Think one of the worse things is telling other people then worrying about them worrying, especially when its elderly parents.

by the way–what do you strum??

Ha Ha, Strummer is after my hero Joe Strummer from the clash, I’m an old punk rocker, but there’s no actual strumming involved for me x

ok, perhaps but a clash cd on loud, grab a bottle of wine and dance around like mad to help pass the time till results day

hey oldandlumpy, that sounds like an excellent plan, music and wine are guaranteed to lift the spirits x