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Never thought I’d be posting here, but got my diagnosis on Monday and it’s official. I’m still waiting to see my oncologist, but know I’ll be having chemo, targeted hormone therapy and surgery after the chemo, then more of the same…

My partner and I were trying for a baby (despite me being 41)…I already have a 17 year old so my bc nurse said it’s unlikely the NHS will do any egg collecting etc. I have no idea what to do now or where to go, though I will talk to my oncologist this week. Wondered if anyone here had any advice in the meantime?

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Hello, I was oestrogen postive, but they gave me a 2 week window before chemo to get some frozen. I had an oestrogen blocker to protect me during this time. Afterwards the advice at the time, which was years ago, was to not try and become pregnant for 5 years. This is because pregnancy floods the body with the hormone that supports your cancer. It’s a really tough situation which I have cried a river about, but the reality is your fertility is massively impected upon. Chat to your oncologist, he may refer you on to a fertility expert in your area. You can also look up the IVF criteria for your locality as it is different depending where you live. Best wishes.


Thank you for your reply :heart:

Sorry to hear of your situation too - it’s all just so, so very heartbreaking.

I’ll talk to my oncologist on Wednesday, but trying to come to terms with the facts it might now be too late for me…hormone therapy for 18 months after I’m clear means I’ll be close to 45 by the time we have a (low) chance of trying again.

Take care

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I have recently had a mastectomy and due to start chemo this week. Shortly after my surgery I asked about freezing my eggs and they rushed me through to have it done before my chemo starts. It’s a very emotional process and both mentally and physically draining. I’m 40yrs and single, so thought it was the right decision to make. There were lots of different t&c’s involved and I these may differ depending on where your fertility centre is based. It was my BCN and consultant who referred me for this process. Hope this helps.