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I (45) was diagnosed a few weeks ago with triple positive, no specific type, grade 2, early stage breast cancer.

I have called my invader Sylas*

Not that they have my last result from the biopsy, my team seem to have settled on what treatment I will have, and I am currently awaiting my first oncology appointment.

I have now read a few of the BCN booklet, and used the Somebody like me service. I hope this forum will help further and am particularly interested in hearing from fellow triple positives.


*Baron Greenback ( or for the gamers Lord Briarwood (, take your pick.

Hi @BeGoneSylas  I’m sorry you are here but glad you have reached out! 

Sylas can do one! 

What will your first treatment be? 

I was triple positive, DX 32yrs old (Dec 2020) grade 3, 22mm. First I had surgery, then chemo, herceptin and now hormone therapy. 

Although it is an agressive cancer, triple positive has the additional treatment option of herceptin which increases survival rates. 

How are you doing? It’s a mad, confusing scary time… Please ask any questions. If you want to message me I’m happy to share my phone number for chats and messages :purple_heart:

Pips xx