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Hi, I’ve just been diagnosed with breast cancer 2 days ago , I’m not quite sure how I’m feeling or coping at the moment , I’m not sure what kind it is but know that it is fast growing and is 4 cm , I’ve been offered chemo first to try and shrink it or to go for surgery first , which I’ve been offered a breast reduction to both to even them up which means going down 2 cup sizes , I’m a dd now , I wonder if anyone else has been through the same as I’m struggling to make a decision , part of me just thinks go for the surgery and get it out ASAP xxx

Hi Lisa and welcome to the BCC forums

I am sure you will have lots of support and shared experiences soon, in addition please feel free to call our helpline for a listening ear and information on 0808 800 6000, lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays

The following link will take you to the BCC ‘Just diagnosed’ page where you will find information and further support ideas:

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Hi Lisalou and welcome to this forum. You are so brave to post only 2 days after you found out about your BC. I cannot advise on the reduction etc. but I am sure some ladies here will. I just wanted to say good luck and keep being positive as it always help in any situation. Sorry again to hear about your BC and best of luck with surgery. Please let us know how you get on. Don’t forget to let your closest family and friends know how you are feeling and what you are going through as there is nothing worse than keeping it all to yourself. Alternatively post here and we will try our best to cheer you up and support you.
All the best xxx

Hi Lisa, welcome to the forum.
I was diagnosed with agressive IBC/LBC Grade 3 stage 3 which had spread to the nodes in March 2011. Like you I was offered chemo first, followed by surgery, but was told it was my decision, and I could have surgery first if I wanted. They had even pencilled in a day for the op.
I decided to follow their advice and have the chemo first, as shrinking the lump meant surgery might not need to be so invasive.
They were right. After one bout of FEC (there is a glossary on the left which tells you what all these abbreviations mean) followed by 4 of TC , they examined me and did an ultrasound scan, and the lump had disappeared, all they could see was the tiny wire coil they had put in at the start of my treatment. I DID have to have surgery, a wire-guided lumpectomy,but it was just ‘belt and braces’ surgery to remove tissue where the lump had been, which was found to have no cancer cells left. The axillary clearance (node removal) showed that 11 out of 13 had been affected.
Surgery was followed by 15 rads, and I have now been NED (no evidence of disease) for 16 months.
The temptation to ‘Just get the B**** out’ is hard to resist, but the docs really do know best, although they will follow your wishes.
Good luck which ever path you follow xxx

Hi, thanks for the quick reply , they havnt told me which option is best or what to go for , just that I have 2 options , I see a cancer nurse on mon then back to consultant on thurs, and yes I’ve got a surgery date booked in for me on 21 st nov if i decide thst wat , I just can’t seem to make a decision which way to go , I’m scared if I have chemo first it won’t work and or I might get too ill to then have surgery , I’m having alot of strange thoughts going through my head , I think the reduction is because of the position of the lump and the fact I have pretty big breasts , dd cup , maybe I’ll get to know more on Monday xxx

Let us know how you get on, you’ll find lots of support and virtual hugs on here xx

Thank you xxx

Hi, I’ve decided to go ahead with the operation which is weds, now I’m getting paranoid about picking a virus up to stop me having my op, is this normal , I have a hairdresser appointment tom as I have very long hair and I was going to get it cut shorter and they grey roots done so at least I’ll look ok for next few wks , but I’m nervous to go in case I pick something up , I’ve turned into a nervous wreck xxx

Paranoia - my dear old friend! Yes, perfectly normal and totally understandable.
Hair cut is a good idea, especially if you decide to use the cold cap when you have your chemo, the shorter the better, so the ‘cold’ can get to your scalp:)
Keep posting and reading on here, there is so much support, it really helps.
Good luck next weds, sure you will be fine xxxx
Sending lots of virtual ****HUGS****