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Hello, I,m new here.
I live abroad and I,ve recently had a mastectomy and reconstruction. At the moment I am halfway through my chemotherapy. The aftercare here (Turkey) is non existant and I rely on what I read on the internet.
I have one question at the moment, I recently started to get mouth ulcers and the sides of my tongue at the back are tender when I eat. Is this a normal side effect of chemotherapy?


AsiansMumn -yes mouth ulcers and a sore mouth can be a typical side effect of chemo. Try using a mouthwash several times a day. I find it helps. I use Corsodyl.

I am sure others will come on to this thread with other ideas. I have heard pineapple helps sooth the mouth

Good luck in your bc journehy

Sharon x

Dear Aslansmum

Welcome to the forums where I am sure you will continue to receive valuable information and support from your fellow forum users.

Breast Cancer Care have published a booklet which contains information about chemotherapy side effects which you may find helpful to read. You can read the booklet ‘Chemotherapy for breast cancer’ via the following link:

To access our full range of publications available to read online, please go to our homepage, click on the ‘Information’ tab then ‘Publications’.

I hope this information is helpful to you.

Best wishes

Breast Cancer Care

hello when i was on chemo i had the most horendous ulcers and such a vile taste im my mouth all the time, i found that mouthwashes did help also teething jelly! when they were very bad i could only eat jelly through a straw!!! try to suck ice cubes as that numbs the pain, i hope this helps a bit take care love lynn xx

Hello AsiansMum

I used Difflam mouthwash - you probably won’t have the same name in Turkey - it’s Benzydamine hydrochloride - and it did help the mouth pain.

I also bought a gel for the ulcers which was a great help too.
Good luck
Love Anthi

I find soluble paracetamol really helpful, and saltwater mouthwashes too.


Thank you for that link Fuschia, see you “over there” sometime.


Hello AslansMum,

Sorry you are here joining the rest of us but rest assurred we support/laugh/cry and comfort each other when we can… and if you want to shout then this is the place to do it!

BabyBoo xxx