New to this so might seem like a silly questions

Silly question I guess but I have was diagnosed with grade 3 invasive ductile carcinoma, how serious is it? has spread to some of my lymph node’s under my arm


Hello Lilicsblue,

A very warm welcome, to the forum we are all here for you,

I’m not medically trained to offer advice.with your diagnosis, I feel sure you will soon have a plan in order which will explain to you exactly what’s going to happen. I know this is a bit of a waiting game, but I think this is the best way forward. Otherwise we intend to run away with our thoughts.

A little bit of advice I would offer is to have a notepad and pen available when you go back for your meeting with your consultant and your breast cancer nurse, as there is so many questions to answer and our heads all over the place at the time, but writing them down when you get home, you’ll be able to look back on them.

I do wish you lots of luck going forward with health and happiness ahead, please come back to let us know how your getting along.

With the biggest hugs brave lady Tili :pray::rainbow::pray::rainbow:


Hi there @lilacsblue. Sorry to hear your diagnosis. I’m not a dr so your question isnt really one I can answer. Do you have a treatment plan yet? When you get one, you will know the necessary stages in getting you better. There will be surgery and radiotherapy, chemo or both, and probably some hormone therapy too. Ring your assigned breast nurse who will answer any questions you have whilst waiting for treatment. Most importantly, surround yourself with supportive friends and family, and keep busy and positive. There are lots of supportive people on here who will help too. X

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Hi, you will find that no question is silly so ALWAYS ask what you want to know or don’t understand.

It’s hard to guess the size of your tumour, whether hormone positive/negative, or if it has spread but that’s what the doctors will be working on now, so they can come up with the best plan for you to treat or manage your cancer.

I think when you ask if it’s serious, you’re asking if something can be done? (apologies if I have misunderstood). Maybe call the nurse helpline to chat through your concerns or your named breast care nurse as they can give better individual answers and 1:1 support. My experience is there are treatments for all stages of breast cancer, attempting to remove it or slow the progression. Dont though google or listen to ill informed friends of friends who will all have an opinion which may not be based on you or latest evidence.
I know it’s all really scary now and you just want to know what comes next. Take this building the picture time to get your physical and mental health in best shape so you’re ready… walks, fresh air, eat well, chill time…
Big hugs x

Hi Lilac! Welcome although I’m so sorry you’re here. I think the right answer is simply that every cancer diagnosis is serious. It seems more though that you’re thinking in terms of prognosis, like what can you expect from the future because of this. And the answer there is that we don’t know. You would need to ask your doctor since all kinds of things go into an estimate on prognosis. However, breast cancer is one of if not the most successfully treatable cancer at all stages and types. It’s scary and can be extremely hard and life changing but most women come out of fine and ready to live out the rest of their long lives.