new to this starting chemo 13 June and having being diagnosed on the 2nd of May had mastectomy on the 7th May .

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Hi Amanda,
Welcome to the BCC discussion forums, where I am sure you will get lots of good support from the many informed users of this site. I am sorry that to now you haven’t had any replies, but this may be because you have posted in an area of the forum where not everyone looks. To try to help here I will copy your post into the ‘Undergoing treatment chemotherapy’ forum (you can see this on the list at the left hand side of this page) Normally I would be able to move this post for you but we are experiencing some technical problems at the moment and I am unable to do this. I hope you get some response soon. If you need to talk to someone in confidence please do phone the helpline here, the staff are here to support you, calls are free, 0808 800 6000, lines open Mon-Fri 9-5 and Sat 10-2

Take care,
Jo, Facilitator

Hi Amanda,
Welcome to the forum although I’m sorry you have to be here. I was diagnosed in January and had a lumpectomy and lymph node clearance, currently undergoing chemotherapy FEC x 6 with only 2 more to go thankfully. Don’t worry about chemo, it’s definately doable, I know some people have a really rough time but not everyone does and i’m one of them so try not to panic, the fear of it is far worse than the reality. There’s already a thread set up for starting chemo in June, you’ll get loads of support from the ladies on there, the March ladies have been my lifeline.

Take care
Lydia x