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Hi recentlyish diagnosed with breast cancer. Having pre-op chemo, have had 2 treatments so far, will be half way through next week, which is good!! However, hate the treatment, makes me feel really ill for a week after then am able to get almost back to normal. just recently found that my confidence is shot and feel a dribbling wreck a little too often for my liking… is this normal ???

i have just picked up a couple of wigs this week as fed up with my hair. despite the cold cap it is falling out. You have to remember that wigs are the fashion at the moment, and i am looking forward to having a few laughs with mine!!! losing your hair is horrible, i thought i would be ok with it. But the mirror next to the loo keeps showing me exactly how i look. The inner confidence thing is really rather bizzare, was ok last week and just terrible this week. I wonder whether it is because i have had 2 treatments and am now stuck into it and there is no turning back and returning to my previous life. i am due my 3rd fec on thursday and then 3 tax before op. I don’t see it as a lifetime away as am having treatment every 3 weeks and you have to look to the end!!! kxx

Hello just wanted to say I am sorry to hear you have been dx with bc. I don’t have bc, my mum does and had a mastectomy yesterday. Just want to wish you well and send you lots of best wishes and hugs and let you know you will get lots of support on here.

Hugs and good wishes.

Jules xxxx

hi screat
i think your post should be on newly diagnosed with cancer.

i am so sorry you have recieved this news but if you look on the right forum you will find great support, i was neg but it was a real scare sweetie, have you got family support i do hope so

email me if i can help

have they decided what treatment you will be having?

big cyber cuddle

hi jules how r u sweetie,

sorry screat i see you are mid treatment then babe you will get plenty of support here aweetie

thank you jules, i am new to this chat thing today. was recommended by a local support group. it is wonderful to be able to comminicate with people at last. Have been feeling very lonely!!
Hope your mum is getting on ok. My mum was diagnosed with breast cancer when i was a little girl. It is hard when it’s your mum going though it all, but wonderful that you are fully there to support her!!
thank you again kxx


have changed it, thank you. said i was new to this!!!


Hi Ceegra and Screats

I am not bad thank you, feeling glad that mums had her operation but felt very sad seeing her in the Marsden and her having Cancer has really hit home.

She is putting on a brave face as usual, she had her make up on today and she looked perky, but I know its her just putting on a brave face so as not to worry the rest of us. She is hoping to get home tomorrow!

How are you doing Ceegra, hope you are doing ok?

And Screats sorry again that you have found yourself in the position of having bc, but you will get alot of support on here. (I had a lumpectomy myself end of May as they thought I might have bc too as had a 1cm lump but got the all clear) I had amazing support and I got the all clear!

Hugs to you both.

Jules xxxxxx

Hi Jules

I learnt a lot from my mum living with cancer and i believe that it is helping me in the situation i find myself in now. It is very hard to see your mum go through it and a mastectomy is a big thing, but a massive step to ridding her body of it. Mum’s put on a brave face, that it what they do!! she will know how much you love her and that will help her on her recovery.

you also need to look after yourself and make sure that you are ok.

take care


Hi Screats

Welcome to the Breast Cancer Care forums. I am hope you are finding this thread helpful.

You may find BCC’s resource pack useful, it has been designed for those newly diagnosed. The pack is free of charge, if you would like a copy just follow the link below:

I hope this helps

Kind regards
BCC Facilitator

Hi there

I must admit, even though my mum had had cancer only a short time after I found my lump and I had the eight weeks of waiting to find out (mess up with my dumb gp) and then core came back inconclusive and then had surgery and then had to wait for results which seemed like eternity! But seeing how mum was coping and being on here, kinda prepared me for the worst and if I had had bc yes it would have been awful, but I definately felt more prepared if that makes sense.

She has had a partial mastectomy, nearly two thirds of her breast i believe and obviously the nipple, and a reconstruction on that one and the other made smaller. She has lobular and as its quite a sod to detect due to it not being a lump but a thickening, they are not sure if they have got good margins, so she will find out in two weeks if they have to take the rest of the breast and the reconstruction off! She also does not know if her nodes are infected so again she will find that out too and whether she needs chemo and rads, or just rads. She really is a trouper and I am so bloody proud of her!!

Thanks for your concern and again good wishes and hugs.

Love Jules xxx

hi jules

she sounds amazing as do you!!!

good luck with it all


Thank you Screats.

I have read your other posts on another thread, and you sound pretty amazing too! You seem to be coping really well and still managing to work is fantastic.

I take my hat off to you.


hi jules

thank you, but have to say don’t really feel amazing, just getting on with things. If it happens you just have to get on with it. BUT i do have fantastic friends to support me day to day, and even get me out of bed when i feel low.

take care of yourself