New treatment : Paclitaxel advice needed

Hi, hope everyone is doing well. 

My mum has mets to the liver, spine and ribs, she was having Palbociclib and Anastrozole and seemed to be doing the job for the last 8 months but we recently found out that this medication has unfortunately stopped working and she is now going to be on a weekly dose of Paclitaxel. 

I would love to know how others have responded to the treatment? Has it worked for you? and how was it tolerated? and any general advice in dealing with any side effects?

This is a very scary time for us as a family as we never expected to be changing treatments this soon. Any advice would be much much-appreciated thank you in advance x

Hi Jenny,

I haven’t had Paclitaxel but if you hop over to the treatments page there is a thread called “Paclitaxel buddies” I’m sure you will find lots of info on there and ladies to correspond with.


Hi Jenny

I had paclitaxel as treatment for my primary breast cancer. EC had knocked me for six so I’m not sure how much I carried over in terms of side effects. It IS kinder than EC but it’s all relative. I was exhausted but at least I got 2-3 days a week of ‘normality’. I was told I would definitely lose all my hair but I held on to my buzz-cut, definitely sparser but there. My main side effects were fatigue and loss of taste/appetite. Another plus is that the treatment is shorter than EC, about an hour including the prep.

I now have secondary breast cancer and am on capecitabine but, when that stops working, paclitaxel will be my next port of call as the options for triple negative are more limited. Fortunately I’ve still got the wig!

I wish you, your mother and your family all the best.

Jan xx