New tumour in other breast as well as mets in bones and liver

Hi, I am a long term breast cancer patient. Originally diagnosed in 1999 with primary in left breast, lumpectomy, mastectomy, chemo and radiotherapy. Then in late 2001 I had a local recurrence, same side, in lymph nodes in neck and under collar bone. More chemo & radiotherapy. Then in late 2004 diagnosed with bone mets, and tumours in liver. Had new hip, more chemo combined with Herceptin, and have been on Herceptin since. In 2014 I had reconstruction on left breast using my stomach to build new breast. Two weeks ago discovered a very large mass in other breast! Had a biopsy on Wednesday, but the look on all the doctors faces said it all! I am petrified again. There is much talk of maybe it being a new primary cancer or that possibly my cancer is now just totaly resistant to any treatments. All I want to know is if there is anyone else who’s been in this situation, and if anyone knows what the likely outcomes are for either scenario? I’m not due to get results for another week or so and then my Oncologist is away anyway! All very scared. Have been coping so well until now. Any help/support would be appreciated.

Hi Wizzyden,

I haven’t been in the same situation although I was initially diagnosed in 1999 too! So I guess we are long term survivors. Mine came back in 2014 in bones the last year in liver. All biopsies show still hormone positive but not HER.

So thinking about yours, if it’s a new primary it will need to be biopsies. It could be non HER but ER/PR positive so herceptin won’t work on it but will still work on your other mets. I presume you could have other hormone treatment for this one and stay on herceptin for the others? Our cancer can change receptors over time so yiu original mets might  no longer be HER either but would respond to other hormone therapies? 

Sorry you have to play the waiting game

im sure other ladies will be along soon to offer comfort and advice

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