Hi ive just today been told ive secondary cancer in my lung I feel so let down as last month I was told what was showing up on my scan was scare tissue now I dont know what to beleive im scared for my children yes they are grown up but still scared.would love to talk to anyone going through the same as me

Hi Cazbo

What scans have you had and have you had the lung biopsied?

its so confusing to be told one thing then another.

My mets are bones and liver but I’m sure somebody will be along soon with lung involvement.

try not to panic too much there are ladies who have been around for years and years with lung mets. Have a mooch around these boards you will soon find some lung mets ladies

Thank you my head is just banging,

Hi there. Yes it’s really scary and you think of your family and things you have yet to do. My mets was in the bones and when I goggled I found out the average life expectancies were about 2 years. It just freaked me out!!
But here you’ll see there are many of us with mets and some have been here for many years.
If you are religious praying n asking people you are close with to pray may help.
Once the doctors check it out n a clear plan on treatment is found things become more bearable. Hang in there n think good thoughts.
Blessings to you