Newbie awaiting appointment at Breast Care Clinic

Hi all,
Have enjoyed reading a heap of posts here, everyone supporting each other hugely.
Whilst its not good to know so many women are living with this anxiety, it is (I’m sorry this sounds so mean and selfish) but a little good to know that you’re never on the journey alone, with others, survivors, healthcare professionals etc.
I found a small lump about 3 weeks ago. I saw my GP last week, as I was on my period when I found it and read that lumps can come and go during menstrual cycle. I rang for an appointment and had to wait a week for the call with the GP, who then saw me the same day and made an immediate referral to the local breast care centre clinic. 
I forgot about the lump a bit whilst waiting to hear from the doctor, but since I’ve seen him, its pretty much all I can think about.
Like most I’ve imagines the worst and what impact it will have on my family.
I’ve also googled. Even though probably not the beat idea!
My lump is small, but hard, and won’t move around. I’ve read that this is not necessarily a great sign and that lumps which are large, softer and not fixed tend to be benign or cysts.
Trying to stay positive!
Since I’ve found out I feel I’ve been more conscious of how I’m feeling, tiredness, lethargy, aches etc.
I’ve not been sleeping well for over a year and have been often going to bed tired early and now you start to think, oh I wonder if that was a sign.
Anyway, clinic appointment is next Thursday. And I’m a bit anxious!

Hi Emb,

Welcome to the forum & what you’re saying is common to many here.

Although the wait is a pain, you have done what you need to do & will get this sorted out.

You are right, Google really is best avoided as it’s too general to be reassuring & tells you nothing about you specifically. The breast clinic will sort this out for you & no amount of googling will change it other than feed anxiety.

Do use the main bcc site here for any info, or reputable sites like Macmillan or NHS Choices.

It is common to think every ache & pain is related & most of us have been there at some point, but the good news is any breast symptom mostly turns out not to be bc.

If you want to let us know how you get on

ann x

Thanks Ann.
I expect I will :slight_smile:

Hello there

I too am new to here and although not quite in the same situation, experiencing the same worries as you…and yes, of course, googled too much info and made myself feel worse!

I have an appointment on Monday so hopefully will know more then. Very best of luck to you. 

Racheliza ?