Newbie but oldie diagnosis (8 years free!)

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I’m Clare, aged 38, and I was diagnosed with stage 2 BC in 2014 age 29. I had 6 rounds of neo-adjuvant chemo, bilateral mastectomy’s with recon and 3 weeks radio. I was initially started on tamoxifen and Zoladex due to age, but was then put on the SOFT trial which was Exemestane with Zoladex. I’m 8 years in now and the weight is just piling on me! I hardly eat junk. I’m exercising but it won’t shift! Has anyone found anything that works to loose the chub? I’ve never been this big and I hate it! ?

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I do exercise but my experience is that if the calories input exceed the calories output, weight increases. Therefore I start with eating less, not eating between meals, upping fresh fruit such as apples and tangerines, and aim for losing 1 lb a week. only go on scales once a week at the same time. Using this diet, eating whatever I liked but in small quantities, doing moderate exercise bingo I went from 11 stone 3 to 9 stone 13 in one year. Absolutely no fads. Muesli each morning, one poached egg on toast for lunch, cooked meal every evening, with lots of carrots, potatoes, small amount of meat - chicken, bacon, sausage. Main meal is in the evening, everything else in moderation.