Newbie here. I was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer 5 years ago and I am looking for people in the west of scotland, who have been referred for genetic testing. I am about to go through it and would welcome the experience of others.


Scotland for Aye! Unfortunately I am a Sasenach and live in East Sussex. I did have genetic testing after my lumps were tested and found to be Grade 2 and of no special type. The docs sent a sample of my tissue to a place in the USA where they do tests called OncotypeX which help decide if you will benefit from chemo or not. My result was that I wouldn’t benefit from chemo. So I didn’t have to talk about what I would do if I lost my hair. It’s still mainly on my head. Some hair is falling out from taking anti oestrogen medication (letrozole) so I am a little peeved. Let us know how things go.


East Sussex is a lovely part of the country, I’m quite happy to communicate with a Sassenach :melting_face: :grin:
Was yours tested for BRAC?

Yes I definitely do not have a BRAC gene

NB thanks for correct spelling of Sassenach. Just testing!

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Hi Lucy

Thanks for the info,I have found posts about genetic testing but was really looking for people in my area to connect with.