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Hi all

I was diagnosed mid July after a routine breast screening along with a biopsy which shows i have invasive ductal BC in 2 areas.
I am scheduled for a mastectomy on 16th August and sentinal node biopsy and no immediate recon in case more treatment is needed.
Scared and unsure are two words that spring to mind along with will life ever be normal again.
Sally x

Hi Sally,

Welcome to the BCC discussion forums, you’ve come to the right place for some good, honest support from the many informed users of this site who I am sure will be along soon to give you that much needed support.

In the meantime I have put for you below links to some of BCC’s publications you might find helpful. Also our helpline team are just a free phone call away if you need to talk to someone in confidence 0808 800 6000 lines open Mon-Fri 9-5 and Sat 10-2.

I hope this helps. Take care,

Jo, Moderator

Hi Sally. I was diagnosed last October with grade 3 IDC TNBC. It was the most frightening experience of my life. I had an mx, chemo then rads. And am hoping for recon by end of year. The treatments are doable As everyone says. Not great but doable and frankly the time does fly. Make sure you are well prepared in advance. I went to see my GP prior to chemo and had meds for every eventuality. Rest and be kind to yourself. I struggled emotionally and cried a lot but I think that was due to the amount of steroids and the chemo itself so be prepared! Also don’t expect too much too soon. Use this forum. There are many amazing women who share their wealth of experience. It really helps to know you’re not alone. Sadly. Hopefully your results will be the best they can be and you can kick cancer where it hurts. All the best. Mx

Hi Sally,
like too have recently been diagnosed with IDC grade 3 and HER+. I had a WLE and sentinel node biopsy, op went well was able to go back to the gym in two weeks. However, the results showed no node involvement but the margin was far from clear so I am now waiting adapter date for mastectomy and a DIEP reconstruction. I too am scared.
X Sara

Hi Sally.

You have every right to feel scared and probably life will never feel the same again.
I have found that my outlook on what is important to me has changed enormously and have learned to be kinder to myslf and stop labelling myself as weak and pathetic. Every day stresses, like other people’s issues have disappeared off my radar completely. I no longer feel invincible and realise that my body is fragile. I still wobble and can cry very easily but accept that this is OK and is part of a “normal cancer” diagnosis.

I can now buy bras from ordinary shops rather than specialist large size specialists after my bilateral surgery. I know this seems trivial but this is amazing for me.
Keep talking to your BCN, they are invaluable.

Jan x

Hi Sally, I was diagnosed with same earlier this year, and am now 12 weeks down the road post surgery, I have to be honest it has all been a bit of a whirlwind, and I can totally relate to how you are feeling, it will get easier once you have had the sentinel node and then have a clearer picture of next steps, keep strong, and with the support of friends and family I am sure you will come through this, I have no regrets with regards to the MX and recon at the same time, although I had LD flap recon so slightly more complicate, but still, have a few issues with pain to resolve but with support from BCN and others am sure it will get sorted, and just seeing the post from Jan, I can’t wait to wear “noraml” bras again… the only comfortable thing I can wear at the moment is Belvia bras, best thing ever, but could do with more support… take care xx

Hi Sally
I was dx on 19 July with IDC in two areas also. This was found by routine mammogram and core biopsy. I had no signs or symptoms. I have just had an sentinal node biopsy with ANC as 2 nodes affected. I get my results tomorrow. I have a mx planned soon. Its all so scarey and my mind is in a turmoil…the ladies on here are fab and have helped me cope. Do remember that whatever, there will be a treatment tailored to your needs and that you are in good hands.
Good luck on this bc ride

Hello Sally
i too was Dx in July and am going in for my mx this Saturday the 17th with auxillary dissection as biopsy showed Some node involvement. I also the same as you am not have immediate reconstruction due to possible radiotherapy .
scared and unsure are also how I feel along with angry , frustrated, confused, and possibly insane as I cannot feel one emotion for too long and then it changes… !!

I am so with you as I too feel my life is outta control but have had a lovely long talk to the help line again today who have been brilliant. I have now signed up for a ‘volunteer’ buddy on the 1-2-1 programme they offer. I hope to talk in person this week to my lady who comes from a place similar to myn but a couple of years down the line … The volunteers have a lotta training and I hope if they are even half as good as the helpline volunteers will be very supportive .

I will be thinking of you and wish you all the very best for Friday maybe we can compare notes after ?

Pauline x x x

Hi ladies
thanks for all your replies, it has made me feel much less alone. It will be good to compare notes Pauline as we are on the same part of this journey at the same time and will be thinkng of you a day late than me xx

Janey i hope your results were as good as they can be, please let us know x
Teddy thanks for the tip on where to buy bras xx

Sally x