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Hi there.

Just though I’d do a quick post and introduce myself.

I’m Becca, I’m 23, live in the UK and I am BRCA1 positive.

I have decided to go ahead and have a bilateral prophylactic mastectomy. I’ve recently been having consultations with my genetic counselor. I had my first surgical consultation on Monday and will be going to see the clinical psychologist tomorrow (yes it’s a bit backwards)

I’ve been doing lots of research since I found out I was positive last August but I am looking forward to browsing the site and learning more about what to expect.

Hi 13ecca4,


A very good friend of mine has the BR gene, her mum and aunt and other family members all had breast or ovarian cancer.,  She had her breasts removed 16 years ago at the age of 25,.  Shes 41 now and has never regretted it, She has a 10 year old daughter and she had always been open with her about the risk and what she may have to contend with.her mum and aunt both died of the disease so she said there was no real decision to be made, she had to do it,.Hers sister had the gene to and a breast lump was found when she was having test, she had breasts removed snd is fine all these years later,  Her cousin also has the gene and had breasts removed, None of them regret the decision, My friend will eventually have her ovaries removed, as her sister and cousin already have. She has been a good support to me during my breast cancer although mine isnt gene based,  It is very hard at such a young age to contemplate this but my friend is a lovely attractive person with a lovely figure and is a happy and relaxed person, she had the inplants and she has never let it affect her life.  So felt i had to contact you and say yes its hard but as my friend always says what are breasts compared with your life, she watched her mum go through it all and new was only option.  June

Hi 13ecca4

Welcome to the BCC Forum.  I’ve attached a link to a section of the forum which I thought you might find helpful:

We also have some publications which may help.

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