Newbie & I have a lump and I'm terrified :(


Any words of wisdom/advice/opinions good or bad would be great fully received i just thought it would be safer to post on a forum such as this than to keep googling as i am literally sending myself around the twist!
I have noticed having wetish nipples fairly often and to be honest i have thought nothing of it, just thought it was prob normal as i have always breastfed (not breastfed now for 2 years). Anyway the other day i noticed watery clear discharge from my nipple that was really sticky when it dried it was like peeling glue off my nipple and some of it looked slightly bloody, i know this was definitely not right so i booked in with my GP thinking i must have an infection. The GP had a good prod and decided that my right breast was lumpier than the other and referred me to the breast care clinic. My letter arrived 2 days later and i have appointment for mon (14th Nov) I have never done a BSE as i didn’t know how or really what i was looking for but the doctor was very concerned about one particular area so i googled how to do it properly and have been checking myself over.
I have found on my right breast that if i press down firmly on the nipple area down to the chest wall and move slightly down and to the right i have a very largish hard lump. It seems rounded at the end but goes long towards the outside of my breast and its very uneven. It very hard and doesn’t seem to move, nor does it hurt even though i have been paranoidly checking about every 2 mins to see if it still feels the same? thinking back my right breast does itch quite a lot although its not sore or achy.
Does anyone think this may be a ‘bad lump’? I go for my mammo on monday and I’m terrified, my aunty died at my age (33) from cancer.
Sorry for rambling i just need to talk to someone as I’m researching how it should feel but can’t make up my mind how it feels, its the eating for the appointment thats driving me mental…

id appreciate any input on this xxx

Hi tinks78,

Thought I would come in and say hello, I don’t have any experience regarding your situation but someone will come along soon and give you more information, not too long now until Mon, wishing you the very best with your appointment, keep busy (takes your mind off things) take care and lots of hugs xx

Hi tinks78

Welcome to the Breast Cancer Care discussion forums. I’m sorry to read you’re going through a pretty worrying time at the moment.

As well as the support you receive from the other users you might find it helpful to read the BCC publication ‘referral to a breast clinic’, it gives information about what to expect at the clinic and details of the different tests you may have. If you would like to order a copy or read this online just follow this link:-

Also, if you need some additional support or to talk things through please don’t hesitate to give the BCC helpline a call, where you can talk to a trained memeber of staff who will offer you emotional support as well as practical information. The number is 0808 800 6000 and the lines are open Monday to Friday 9 to 5pm and Saturday 9 to 2pm.

Best whishes Sam, BCC Facilitator

hi Tinks

it impossible for anyone to say what sort lump you may have, it may be nothing sinister but at least you are getting it checked out and you don’t have to wait too long.
from my experience you will probably be examined again, sent for a mammogram and have an ultra sound scan of the breast. You could then have a biopsy, i had provision results of biopsy back within an hour, and the radiographer also told me it didn’t look good, so you could have an indication at your appointment

Please take someone with you to your appointment, i went alone not expecting to get any results that day, i had bad news and had no one to support me, i really could have done with my other half

you will be told by everyone on here not to google, but i know thats easier said than done, but your imagination will run riot if you do, you just end up reading about everything and scaring yourself.

Good luck for monday, if it is bad news there is so much support out there and on here, but fingers crossed

Gill x

Hi Tinks totally agree with Gill don’t google!! I think we all do it and scare ourselves silly. Trust me just stay with this website there really isn’t any better. Sure you will have read a lot of the threads and like me when I was a newbie you see that there are a lot of women who have been diagnosed and there is so much treatment out there that eventually it will be ok. Yours may or may not be anything sinister but if it is (and I really hope it isn’t) just remember the good news stories on here. We all help each other through really tough times We can’t really answer your medical questions just put your trust in the medical team, you will be in a total daze at the moment and not be thinking straight at all.
My experience was I had a mammogram first week then letter popped through post calling me back, heart sank! at that appointment they told me yep they had found a lump, did a biopsy and a scan on me, I didn’t get my biopsy results back for a week oooh that was a long week! so you may not get them straight away, Hospitals have different procedures.
I didn’t take anyone with me because I didn’t tell a soul wanted to keep it to myself until I knew for sure, we are all different do what ever feels right for you.
Good luck and please believe that we will all be thinking about you and hoping for the best. Please come back to let us know how things are going - and stop googling :)) x

Hello Tinks,

You have found the right place for support and info, Google not good as we are all saying.

My problems started with blood discharge, itchy breast,and sharp pain in booby, lump found by doc,i have had several things done, now waiting for results.

You will have same things done as all of us mammogram,ultrasound, maybe a biopsy all this is OK, worrying is the worst part, waiting for results a nightmare.but we get through it not always bad news.if so there is amazing things that is discovered daily.

It is comforting to have a friend with you, as i found other ladies are deep in thought in the waiting room where you will often be,
this is where we are sharing our journey together we are here for you
on good days and bad.

Keep in touch as we are here to support you. Pat xx

Hi Tinks

Nothing to add except…
We are all here cos our lumps were ‘bad’ - but 9 out of 10 aren’t. Hope yours isn’t.

Thank you so much for taking the time to send me such lovely and comforting replies, i can’t tell you how much i appreciate the support!
I have been quite stressed recently after 1 1/2 years of severe cervical cells i saw the consultant on friday who said that i still have no clear margins and my biopsy is still severe and to far up to see therefore i can no longer be properly monitored so i have been told to consider a hysterectomy. I have been trying to put it all to the back of my mind but also preparing myself for the day that i may be told i have CC, so as you can imagine having a sudden scare of possibly having BC out of the blue like this is such a shock.
I have 4 beautiful little boys but i do live alone and so all the ideas of surgeries are quite frightening.
So over the last month i have lost a stone (through worry i think) but Im pleased to say that after reading all of your kind posts i have calmed right down (i feel unbelievably calm actually) i think i have programmed my brain to thinking that ‘its all gonna be ok’ i know ill go there they will say cyst or fibroedema and ill just feel stupid for panicking.
I really hope my hospital is one of the ones though that give you insight on the day as I’ve learnt with the cervical side of things its the waiting for results and checkups that literally drives me to the point of insanity and paranoia.
Im going to keep myself busy cleaning tomorrow and then before i know it monday will be here, i will make sure i come on here monday evening and give you any news - good or otherwise!
I think all you ladies are so so brave, hopefully after this experience i will be able to offer others the way you have to me the reassurance that somebody cares.
Hope all of you waiting for results get them quickly!
Again thank you so so much xxxxxx

Hi everyone

Just an update really as i went to the breast care centre today.
A doctor had a very quick feel (about 2 seconds) said my breasts were dense and that he was sure the lump was normal and I’m free to go?
Obviously I’m delighted at hearing those words but i have to say i feel no better, the lump seems so prominent to me and the doctor felt it too…thats why he referred me,
They didn’t talk about my family history or ask anything about my symptoms, i had no mammogram or ultrasound or anything?
If i had had a scan and been able to see the pictures explained as to what was what i would have felt more assured but to be honest i now feel that I’ve stressed for 2 weeks waiting for light and now someone has shut the door on me.
Hopefully they are right but i know in future if i feel anything else i will be more reluctant to get it checked for fear of being laughed at or thought of as a fool (this is how i felt today).
Relieved but confused and bit down tonight :frowning:

Hi tinks78,

Never feel silly about having anything checked after all it is your body and your life. I found a couple of lumps recently and I really just didn’t want to tell anyone so I know exactly where you are coming from. Came on here was told to get to doc asap. Did it and everything was fine, I promised myself that day that I would not put myself through needless worry again and no matter how stupid I felt I would get checked out. If you are still worried go back to your own doc and tell him what’s happened if you can talk to someone professional it perhaps will bring you peace of mind take care and lots of hugs xx

Hi tinks 78

Ref you said. doc felt for about 2 seconds said my breasts were dense and that he was sure the lump was normal and I’m free to go?
and never asked you anything.To me dont seem right I would go back to your gp tell them your not happy with a 2 second look.And you would like futher tests. Send hugs Jane x

Hi Tinks totally agree with Katy and Jane, has the doctor at the hospital got xray eyes if he has great but I am thinking he hasn’t, if I was you I would definitely contact my doctor to say I am not happy with this, without a mammogram etc how can they tell? apart from anything else when you feel this lump that fear will never go away until like you say you have absolute proof. One thing I have learnt through going through this horrible process is we have to shout to be heard sometimes, go for it girl!! it’s your body your NHS tell them you are not satisfied. Let us know how you get on x

I agree, definately return to your gp and demand a thorough investigation. The consultant you saw clearly didn’t take your concerns seriously. We have all heard of too many young women being misdiagnosed due to doctors who dismiss younger women- hopefully he is right and it’s nothing sinister but you want that confirmed rather than it just being his opinion.
Good luck x

Just wanted to say that IF it was worse case scenario and it is cancer then it’s obviously very devastating and scary as hell, BUT it’s not necessarily a death sentence.
I was scared as hell because NOONE in my family who has had cancer has ever survived it or had a “no evidence of disease” diagnosis after treatment. But guess what? I have. I’m the exception. I’m 35 as well, so young for breast cancer and I was Grade 3, most aggressive.

What I’m trying to fumble in saying, is I had it, I had chemo, radiotherapy, surgery, tamoxifen… I’ve been told that I’m now discharged and cross my fingers for teh next 5 years.
My hair is growing back, my body is becoming my own again.
It’s something none of us ever want to go through but if you do have to go through it, it’s not an automatic death sentence, there are many survivors out there.

And you’ll find the strength to deal with it if it happens.

I hope that isn’t the case, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

I found comfort in the early stages of it being reassured it didn’t mean I was going to suffer a premature death xxx


Thank you again for taking the time to reply, it really means a lot xxx
I WILL keep my eyes on this lump and probably go back to the GP about it, maybe complain about the consultant that saw me and ask for reassurance if nothing else as you are so right when you say that even if the lump is ok the fear is now in my head!
Thank you again, you are an amazing group of ladies xxxx

Hello there another newbie here. I went back several times last year and was told " you had the tests and your clear" About 2 months ago I went again back to unit - mammogram etc no lumps. I do however have the thickening that I have had all along and have just had a wedge biopsy as Pagets is suspected, awaiting results now, week3!! Go back and keep going back until you are sure. All the best!! Rosemay